“Parasyte: The Grey” Review: The Latest Netflix K-Drama That Takes Over Humans

“Parasyte: The Grey” Review: The Latest Netflix K-Drama That Takes Over Humans

There’s a new invasion in town.



The idea of aliens taking human form and adapting into society has been used for many years, but it definitely hasn’t gotten old. Following the genre is Parasyte: The Grey, which is now showing on Netflix. 


Directly related to the Japanese Parasyte manga, Netflix's Parasyte: The Grey presents an original tale based on Hitoshi Iwaaki's world, making it a distinctive kind of live-action adaptation. Parasyte: The Grey blends a lore of Parasyte through the lens of director Yeon Sang-ho, who has directed a number of successful TV shows and films, including the critically acclaimed Train to Busan and the hit series Hellbound.



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Similar to its source material, the series revolves around the idea of an extraterrestrial parasitic invasion that lands on Earth. One of the main characters in Netflix's retelling is Jeong Su-in, a woman in her late 20s with a difficult past. The parasite, later named Heidi, enters Su-in's body, almost murdering her. However, it is unable to grow to the full extent of its potential, and as a result, ends up sharing Su-in's brain.


But in addition to Su-in, the first episode alone shows us a wide range of characters, the series tying together seemingly unrelated threads and setting the stage for the next episodes. For instance, Seol Kang-woo, a low-level gangster on the run returns home to discover his older sister acting weird and his younger sister gone.


The series also follows Kim Cheol-min, a senior detective in Namil. When Su-in was 10 years old, her father beat her violently, and it was Kim Cheol-min who saved her. Kim is now intrigued by Su-in’s odd case, where she was stabbed by a murderer but managed to escape without any wounds. And then there’s team Grey's commander, Choi Jun-kyung, who went to Namil with the mission of eliminating parasites.



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While some Netflix live-action adaptations don’t live up to the hype, this six-episode series has shown to be a good choice for both those seeking an intriguing series that deviates from the clichés associated with aliens, as well as anime fans interested in checking out a new live-action adaptation.


Parasyte: The Grey is nestled in a landscape of trust, identity and the need to save the human race. It’s more than just a story of humans battling an extraterrestrial invasionl what makes Parasyte a great watch is how it challenges our humane understanding of reality and how it expands our perspective on the purpose of life.  


After all, if there’s one thing that K-dramas do well, it’s storytelling that hits you deep. 


“Parasyte: The Grey” is now streaming on Netflix.



Words Sofia Joco

Art Dani Sison


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