In His Latest EP, Jamie Miller Finally Lets Go

In His Latest EP, Jamie Miller Finally Lets Go

The singer opens up about his latest EP and more in this exclusive



Life has always been about following the many different directions it leads you to. Sometimes it’s up, reaching the highest peak, and sometimes you feel like you’re hitting rock bottom. In other instances, the uncomfortable steadiness of the ride signifies a time to finally take control. And between all these, we find ways to work through the emotions lest we want to burst. For Welsh singer Jamie Miller, songwriting has always been a means for him to get through his feelings and experiences. “If anything is going on here,” he points to his heart as he chats with Wonder. “I need to write, write, write, write.”


These take form in his latest EP, The Things I Left Unsaid. The six-track body of work carries Jamie Miller’s vulnerability and openness, manifesting in songs that comfort those who also need it the most. No Matter What stands as a cocoon of comfort, a pillar to lean on bolstered by soaring notes and a strong choir. Meanwhile, Empty Room is a powerful ballad about loss, about losing the chance to say goodbye, and all that’s left of you are the emotions needing to crawl out. Maybe Next Time, the lead single to The Things I Left Unsaid, is a powerful breakup anthem bursting with the complicated emotions of a severed relationship. The singer confronts many more feelings, extending a holding hand to those who listen and are going through the same pain.


And with Jamie Miller feeling a little nostalgic from his time in Manila, which included a stint on the Wish Bus, we can’t help but recall the experience of sitting down with him to chat.



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“I've gone through a bit of a difficult time last year,” recalls Jamie. “And I think this year was my time to make progress and to actually talk about my feelings and what was in my heart. And before I got busy, I needed to focus on myself and do some self-work. So it took some time off, and I feel like I did just that.”


Up ahead, Wonder catches up with the singer about his trip to the Philippines, coming full circle and the chapter The Things Left Unsaid has closed.



Wonder: You first shot to fame in The Voice UK a few years ago. During the competition, did you ever think that one day you'd be flying halfway across the world to meet your Filipino fans?

Jamie Miller: I didn't. When I went on The Voice UK, I was in a call center job. I didn't really leave school with good grades, and going on [the show] was a stepping stone to leaving the job. And I honestly [thought] I'd just be a wedding singer or something like that after The Voice. And then this… it just took on a life of its own. I didn't think so, but I'm very grateful that I'm here, for sure.


W: When did you realize you had a fanbase in the Philippines?

JM: Honestly, [on] TikTok. When I put Here's Your Perfect out. I mean, there have always been comments from people who have followed me since The Voice. But having it be from your own music has always been more special, so it's amazing to me.



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W: Given your career now, is there anything that still surprises you?

JM: I think [it’s] my idols messaging me or reposting my songs. I never thought that I would ever even get the chance to meet them or for them to know my name. I think that will never get old because I come from a small hometown where my mum and dad like to keep me very humble, and they get excited about these things. Even going on The Kelly Clarkson Show—she's been my idol for so long. It [was] so awesome for that to happen, for her to be in the same shoes as I was; getting to speak to people like Sam Smith and all those kinds of people. It's really cool to me, and I never get used to it.


W: What has been the most difficult song for you to work on?

JM: The most difficult song to write was my most recent single, Empty Room. I wrote it about my grandma, who I lost. That has brought up a lot of emotions I had never put out before, so it was a closure song to that chapter of my life. But it was definitely needed in this chapter. It was kind of hard to write—there were a lot of tears in the room where I wrote it, but it was special.


W: Does the release of The Things I Left Unsaid signify anything for you?

JM: Yeah. Last year, personally and friendship-wise, there were many things I said goodbye to. I felt like, for a long time, I never stood up for myself in certain situations. So The Things I Left Unsaid is personal to me because I'm finally getting to say it now, say goodbye to that chapter in my life to move forward into a new one.


W: Can you share your favorite lyric from the EP?

JM: “I know you're hearing voices in your head, but darling, don't believe them because crying's just the sound of a heartbreak healing.”



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The Things I Left Unsaid effectively explores a myriad of tumultuous emotions, with Jamie Miller’s openness becoming the very force that moves whoever listens. So if there’s anything we learned from the singer, it’s that there’s nothing wrong with vulnerability—most especially when it helps in letting go. And with the year coming to a close, we’re looking no further than Jamie Miller to help bring us into the new year.



Words Kai Franco


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