Joji’s Gimme Love is the Soundtrack of Our Pre-Quarantine Memories

Joji’s Gimme Love is the Soundtrack of Our Pre-Quarantine Memories

Dedicate a music video to your life before lockdown with the Gimme Love generator



Joji released Gimme Love, a track with an infectious beat and a frenetic two-word hook, in the middle of April—right around the time the initial lockdown was supposed to expire in the capital region of the Philippines. Eight weeks and multiple quarantine extensions later, we’ve still got the song in our heads and on repeat. 


We know we don’t just speak for ourselves. Since its release, the track has raked in over 33 million streams on Spotify. The music video has a growing view count of over 24 million. After all, if anything, good music has kept us sane all lockdown long.



With every Gimme Love the world’s favorite sad boy murmurs in the track, our longing for a semblance of normalcy grows. As the sounds in the track’s intro layer, so do our anxieties. Even as we inch towards looser quarantine restrictions (Metro Manila is expected to shortly transition to MGCQ, the most relaxed of all the quarantine acronyms we’ve encountered thus far), the constant slaps of reality we’ve been faced with throughout the pandemic have taught us to acknowledge the fact that the “new normal” won’t feel very normal at all. 


And so, we keep yearning. We will ourselves to stay afloat, trudging through the emotional quicksand with a little help from FaceTime and movies and an abundance of snacks. We scroll through our Instagram posts from months back and remember when days were a little less scary—missing them so, so badly that we even made music videos to the sound of Gimme Love out of them.




88rising and Joji’s snazzy little Gimme Love generator can allow you to do the same. If you’re looking to immortalize your pre-quarantine memories in music video form like our friends Jana, Elys, Jaz, Jan and Jools have above, check out the Gimme Love generator over here!


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Joji’s second studio album, Nectar, comes out July 10th. Pre-order it here, or get all up in your quarantine feelings with us and stream Gimme Love here. Keep up with Joji on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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