To A’TIN, From Ninang Selecta: SB19 Boys Unearth Memories with #MaPaSelectaMuna

To A’TIN, From Ninang Selecta: SB19 Boys Unearth Memories with #MaPaSelectaMuna

In this exclusive, SB19 share their thoughts about shooting a music video with Selecta



There’s always this misconception that we fully move on from our childhood joys when we grow up. Memories stay as memories, and previous interests remain a thing of the past. But in an era where we all actively work to heal our inner children, everyone continues to return and rediscover the small things that make them happy. For SB19, it means revisiting childhood memories and finally giving back to their family through the little things, as seen on #MaPaSelectaMuna. Backdropped against their emotive 2021 ballad, MAPA, the music video features SB19 reliving their beloved moments with Selecta—an ice cream brand that has arguably been part of every Filipino childhood. Theirs included.


The music video follows young SB19 and how the ice cream brand has remained a source of joy for their families. It’s heartwarming to witness the five-piece come full circle—from having their parents buy them treats from the nostalgic red carts to finally being the ones bringing a gallon home for spontaneous pick-me-ups.


P.S. How can you not feel all the feels when older SB19 joins their younger counterparts for a scoop?



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In this Wonder exclusive, we speak to SB19 about their core memories with Selecta—like winning a Cornetto cone as a prize in older Show Break episodes—and what they want A’TIN to take home from the project with their newest Ninangs.




Growing up with a big family, Pablo’s vividly remembers racing to see who can get themselves a cup of Selecta ice cream. Apart from that, SB19’s leader also has memories attached to the Cornetto. “Every time na yung mama tsaka papa ko, parehas sila nagwo-work tapos iiwanan nila kami ng allowance like 20 pesos ganyan,” he recalls. “Iniipon ko yun tapos bibili ako ng Cornetto—talagang sikat na sikat dati yung Cornetto.” 


(“Every time my parents work and leave us an allowance of 20 pesos,” he recalls. “I save it up and buy Cornetto for myself—that was really famous before.”


It just seems natural that becoming part of the Selecta family fills him with much joy, especially knowing that they never expected or even dream to represent the brand. “Natutuwa [kami] kasi talagang pinag-katiwalaan kami ng Selecta,” he expresses in disbelief. “Masaya ako na kinuha kami ng Selecta.”


(“We’re happy because Selecta really trusts us,” he expresses in disbelief. “We’re happy that [the brand] got us to endorse.”)


Leaving some food for thought for their loyal A’TIN, Pablo encourages them to treasure not only the big moments, but even the smallest minutes where they spend time to sit down and eat with their loved ones. “Kasi tayo, hindi naman tayo permanent sa mundo and siyempre, hindi rin natin hawak yung oras,” he explains. “Meron pwedeng mangyari na bigla nalang mawawala lahat and hindi na natin maibabalik yun, so mahalaga na talagang i-cherish ang bawat oras na kasama natin yung mga mahahalaga sa buhay natin.”


(“We aren’t really permanent in this world and, of course, we can’t control time,” he explains. “There are possibilities that things will disappear and we can’t bring them back, so it’s important that we cherish the time we have with those important to us.”)




Stell also had his fair share of waiting for the red Selecta cart as a child. So from being all ears for the iconic bell jingle to repping the brand, the entire thing still leaves him in awe. “Kasi dati naman, bata ka lang na gusto ng ice cream. Pero ngayon parang ikaw na yung nagre-represent nung mismong ice cream na gusto mo nung bata [ka],” he expresses. “Super big blessing and super malaking bagay na naging part kami ng Selecta.” 


(“Because you used to be a child who just wanted ice cream. But now, you’re the one representing the one that you wanted,” he expresses. “It’s a big blessing and a big thing for us to be part of Selecta.”) 


Stell hopes that A’TIN who will continously watch and stream #MaPaSelectaMuna remember to take time and cherish their loved ones the way we cherish ice cream. “Habang nasayo yung ice cream, dapat i-enjoy mo siya. Huwag mo siya hayaan na parang malusaw o lumambot na hindi mo man lang na nae-experience or hindi mo man lang nafi-feel kung ano yung meron yung ice cream,” he shares. “Parang sa family, hangga’t andyan yung family mo, i-treasure, i-cherish mo yung moments, kasi kapag dumating yung araw na wala na yung mismong bagay na yun, mami-miss mo, hahahanap-hanapin mo. So hangga’t kasama mo sila, i-treasure mo yung moment na yun and lagi mo sana sila makasama.”


(“You should enjoy the ice cream while it’s there in front of you. Don’t let it melt without experiencing or knowing what the ice cream taste like,” he shares. “Just like with family, you should treasure and cherish the moments while they’re there. Because when the day comes that you can’t anymore, you’ll miss it and look for it. So while you’re with them, treasure that moment and hope you’re always with them.”)


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For Ken, Selecta ice cream was something he just wanted to try, a treat for the next time he visited the city. So to reach this point where he gets to taste and try all the flavors he likes as an adult, the performer is still in disbelief. “We feel honored. Kasi syempre ako taga-bukid ako so it’s not the kind of food na mabibili ko lang casually or ano man,” he shares. “'Gusto ko kumain niyan kasi sobrang sarap, gusto kong matikman! Ano kaya lasa niyan no? Kaso sobrang mahal.’ Ganon nasa isip namin dati. Pero ngayon, sobrang di kapani-paniwala. Unli-supply pa!


(“I’m from the countryside, so [Selecta ice cream] was not the kind of food that I can just casually buy,” he shares. “‘I want to try that because it tastes good. I want to try it! I wonder what it tastes like, but it’s too expensive.’ That’s what we used to think so now, we can’t believe it. With get unlimited supply, too!”)


#MaPaSelectaMuna has Ken reminding A’TIN to never forget the people who guided and molded you to become the person that you are today. “Huwag mong kalimutan kung sino talaga yung mga taong sumoporta sa’yo,” he enthuses. “[Kung] sino talaga yung taong tunay na nagmahal sa’yo. Huwag na huwag mong kakalimutan kasi pag dumating din yung araw na walang-wala ka na, sila din yung babalikan at babalikan mo. You give back na sa mga taong yun.”


(“Don’t forget the people who really supported you,” he enthuses. “The people who really loved you. Don’t you ever forget them because when the day comes that you don’t have it all, you’ll come back to these people. You give back to them.”)




Whenever Justin would visit the resort his father managed in Palawan, he would always ask for a serving of Selecta. And like many of us, not getting any would result in tears and waterworks. But the full circle moment of wanting Selecta as a child and endorsing the beloved brand hasn’t ceased to amaze the singer. After all, many of us equated ice cream to grabbing something from the Selecta-designed freezer. “Nakakatuwa na ngayon, part na kami ng family ng Selecta and one of the people na nage-endorse for these products,” he expresses. “Nakakatuwa kapag iisipin mo nung time na yun syempre gusto mo lang ng Selecta, gusto mong bumili. Ngayon, binibigyan ka na lang ng libre ng Selectaso, nakakakilig!”


(“It’s happy that we’re part of the Selecta family and one of the people who endorse these products,” he expresses. “It’s elating to think that before, you just wanted Selecta [ice cream], you wanted to buy it. Now, Selecta gives you ice cream for free…it’s thrilling!”)


Much like the message of MAPA, Justin hopes that A’TIN also remember to give back to their loved ones. “Isa sa nagpapasaya sa akin as a kid is Selecta ice cream. Ngayon naman, lumaki na ako parang naging part na rin ako ng Selecta,” he recalls. “So as SB19, ako naman yung naggi-give back sa mga tao na nagbigay ng inspiration, just like yung message na gustong iparating ni Selecta.”


(“One of the things that made me happy as a kid is Selecta ice cream. Now that I’m older, I’m part of Selecta,” he recalls. “So as SB19, it’s my turn to give back to the people who gave me inspiration, just like the message that Selecta wants to send.”)




Josh recalls his mother loving Selecta Double Dutch, so it has always been present during his family’s household celebrations. So to front a music video with a brand so attached to his childhood, the singer can only describe it as surreal and a project that fills him with joy. “Siyempre, growing up, Selecta is something na memorable for my family and everyone (Of course, growing up, Selecta is something memorable for my family and everyone),” he reminisces. “Para sa akin, honestly, hindi ko inakala na kami ay magiging ambassador ng ganitong kalaking project or brand including yung kinalakihan namin (For me, I never thought that we’d be ambassadors for such a big project or brand including what we grew up with).”


He hopes that A’TIN also keeps with them the message of giving back to those who raised us. “Katulad namin siyempre (Just like us), we give back to our parents,” he shares. “Mahalaga yung kahit sa anong paraan ay makapag-give back ka by giving them pasalubong, by giving them affection, alam mo yun, para maging intact yung family relationships. Huwag niyo kakalimutan yung pagpapahalaga sa giving back sa mga tao na tumulong sa inyo and, of course, to your MaPa.”


(“It’s important that you give back through any means, by giving them small gifts or giving them affection so your family relationships stay intact. Don’t forget to give value in giving back to the people who helped you, and of course, to your MaPa.”)


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So what are you waiting for, A’TIN? Follow SB19 by giving back to your loved ones by bringing home some tasty, frozen treats and saying, #MaPaSelectaMuna.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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