The Internet’s New Favorite Obsession: Corpse Husband, Sykkuno and The World of Game Streamers

The Internet’s New Favorite Obsession: Corpse Husband, Sykkuno and The World of Game Streamers

Maybe not entirely new, but unique nonetheless



If there are those who turned to K-pop in quarantine, there’s also a population of people who turned to games and game streaming to cope and sometimes, maybe even to make bank. In 2020, gaming saw massive growth. According to, game streaming viewership in platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming almost doubled during the pandemic. Facebook Gaming even saw a whopping 184% increase compared to their 2019 numbers.


In every rising trend, there will be a few prominent personalities riding the highest wave. For K-pop, it’s BTS and BLACKPINK, while TikTok dances have Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae. But for gaming? There’s a high possibility that you’ve heard of the more popular streamers Corpse Husband and Sykkuno. While they’re not exactly on YouTube’s or Twitch’s top 10 channels, a group of streamers managed to break through the mainstream and become a new internet obsession.


But first, who are they?


Corpse Husband


Corpse is a faceless game streamer hence the animated persona. He's previously known for his narrations of horror stories and releasing some self-written singles. (Yes, he’s a singer too!) Corpse is chronically ill, which results in his deep voice that turned into one of his main identifiers. In 2020, he was thrust under a more diverse pool of audiences and nearly quadrupled his following in a matter of months as he ventured into streaming Among Us gameplays. He’s mostly known for playing with popular streamers Valkyrae, Disguised Toast and Sykkuno.




On the other hand, streamer Sykkuno is known for his soft and laid-back demeanor, which often likens him to the main character of an anime. His presence is a breath of fresh air, in the midst of more electric and high-energy streamers. At one point, he's been dubbed as “Twitch’s friendliest streamer.” As he started being engaged in more Among Us Let’s Play content with other streamers, his Twitch followers increased. According to GameRant, Sykkuno had the fastest-growing channel as of December 2020, where he amassed 620,000 followers in a matter of days.


The Amigops and Their Found Virtual Family


The Amigops are a group made up of Corpse Husband, Sykkuno, Valkyrae and Disguised Toast. All four of them, along with other game streamers, were at the helm of the popularization of Among Us last year. The happy-go-lucky Rae (who’s got a contagious cackle to match) gets balanced out by sarcastic and witty Disguised Toast. Add in the two types of calm and collected: the gentle and laid-back Sykkuno and the quiet and reserved Corpse Husband, you get this four-in-one gaming group. 


Aside from gaming hacks one can use on their own or sneak previews of what’s coming to the next new game, there’s also this companionable factor with The Amigops. Their joint streams along are equally chaotic, reminiscent of being in a Zoom call or Discord server with your own barkada. You feel their friendly energy through their streams, which kind of makes them a new internet obsession. Whether it’s a couple of rounds of UNO or a long-standing marathon of Among Us, their dynamic is what draws their watchers. There’s always a charm to watching a group of friends come together and bond, even if you’re from the outside looking in.


Members of The Amigops have also played Among Us with AOC and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. They also marathoned a handful of rounds with Jimmy Fallon with the cast of Stranger Things for a fundraiser. After watching their stream highlights, it’s easy to fall into a lot of loaded banter as they look for the impostor and pin the blame on the innocent crewmates. Yes, even if they haven’t met in real life.


The Game Streaming Blackhole


The rise of gaming, whether it’s the increase of viewers or the increase of budding streamers, is still continuing this year. It’s a slippery slope down a rabbit hole that I’ve yet to explore, but its market in itself is rich enough. There will always be a streamer for each and every game you're looking for, ready to walk you through chapters and levels you need to get past. 


But if you’re looking for streamers you’re familiar with and not necessarily the game, YouTube Veteran Ryan Higa is actively playing on Twitch. Even Say So singer Doja Cat opened her Twitch channel and started streaming her own plays. So far she’s been playing Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay and Little Nightmares.



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