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The New Royal Baby: What This Means For Royal Family

The New Royal Baby: What This Means For Meghan Markle, Prince Harry & The Royal Family

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What does having a new royal baby mean for the throne?



To many, April means Avengers: Endgame, the final season of Game Of Thrones, the peak of summer…but to those who follow the royal family like they’re in the line of succession (read: me), this month also means the new royal baby.



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In full disclosure, no one really knows when Meghan Markle is going to give birth; April is simply the most intelligent guess there is. Meghan and Prince Harry made the announcement that they were expecting last October; at which she had already had her 12-week scan. If you do the math, you’ll land on April.


The line of succession

With Harry’s family extending directly beneath him, there will be changes made to the line of royal succession—to an extent. As the first born of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles is still first in line. After him is Prince William, who is likewise followed by his children in birth order: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.



And this is where things sort of shake up. Currently, Prince Harry is 6th in line to the British throne and will remain so unless William and Kate Middleton decide to expand their family once again. Nevertheless, this means that Harry and Meghan’s child will be 7th in line once he or she is born, pushing down Prince Andrew (the Queen’s second son) to 8th.


The controversy of raising a royal

There’s been a lot of talk about how Meghan plans to raise her child—in stark comparison to what Kate has done thus far with her three kids. The most recent headline of which is probably the way Meghan wants to announce the birth. That is, after she and Harry have privately celebrated the same. In case anyone needs a reminder, Kate’s opted for the more traditional pose-outside-the-hospital-looking-like-she-didn’t-just-give-birth way.


There’s obviously no way to tell at this point, but many have assumed that this means Meghan’s journey through motherhood will be more relaxed (or more normal and more relatable). Was that right? A royal, raising a child like a commoner would? Great.


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But what we need to remember is that Meghan and Harry will undoubtedly have more flexibility when it comes to raising their own brood. In all likelihood, Kate doesn’t have as much wiggle room when it comes to how her children are brought up. She isn’t the only one responsible for Prince George’s upbringing, after all; some part of him does belong to the throne.


If we look back at history, the stringent rules have tended to become more flexible when the likelihood of ruling becomes less sure. We saw this happen with Prince Margaret almost as soon as Queen Elizabeth birthed the next royal ruler. And besides, when was the last time that a seventh-in-line was actually crowned? That far down the line of succession, Queen Elizabeth doesn’t even have a say in who marries into the family anymore.


So when are we seeing the baby?

As earlier mentioned, the public won’t see the new baby until days after his or her birth. A statement from the palace noted that, “The Duke and Duchess look forward to sharing the exciting news with everyone once they have had an opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family.”


So the answer is that no one really knows.


What’s in a name?

So, of course we don’t know what the royal baby’s name will be just yet—but there are some hard bets on Elizabeth should it be a girl. For obvious reasons, yes, but also it’s possible that Meghan will give birth on the Queen’s birthday: April 21.


Maybe the more interesting question is what title will be given. According to King George’s V’s 1917 decree, only the eldest son of the Prince of Wale’s oldest son (that’s Prince George) is entitled to His Royal Highness (and therefore “Prince”). But since Queen Elizabeth issued a new Letters Patent in 2012 that declared all of William and Kate’s children would hold the title of HRH, we have Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.


The Letters Patent, however, does not apply to Harry and Meghan’s family line. So unless the Queen steps in and formally announces something for Baby Sussex, his (or her) title will be styled as Earl (or Lady) of Dumbarton. And even if his/her grandmother were to grant HRH status, Harry and Meghan have the option to politely decline the same—after all, talks are saying they want to give him/her as normal a life as possible.


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Everything is slightly up in the air at this point, especially because Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have opted to remain mum about specific plans. But we do know that the introduction of their baby—and their modern stands and open outlooks—will mean changes for the royal family.


These changes may or may not have a direct impact on the way things are still ruled and overseen, but we’ll let them come as they may.



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