What Does Your Spotify History Say About You?

What Does Your Spotify History Say About You?

Let this website give you a music diagnosis

As someone who found some of her closest friends with a little (read: a lot) of help from her music choices, I subscribe to the saying: tell me who your most streamed artists are, and I’ll tell you who you are. No, really. There must be a correlation between a person’s listening habits and their moods, their personal quirks and the artists they choose to love, right? 

Enter: Obscurify. Similar to (the now-offline), Obscurify combs through your personal Spotify history and gives you a bird’s eye view in a snap: your top genres, top tracks and artists, your feelings according to what flows out your speakers or earphones. And, like its name lets on, Obscurify also lets you in on how obscure your music taste is relative to the rest of the listeners in your country.

Getting your Spotify history examined is as simple as logging on to the website and linking it to your Spotify account. Curious? Here’s a glimpse into my diagnosis. Warning: copious amounts of Korean music ahead!

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To absolutely no one’s surprise, my results were swimming in K-everything. My top genres, from ranks one to six, were filled with different variations of the same three things: K-pop, K-indie, K-R&B. Can’t say I didn’t see that coming. Ranking in seventh was Pop, then Pinoy Indie and Dance Pop at ranks nine and ten.

Where does that put me on the local obscurity scale?

What Does Your Spotify History Say About You?

Pretty high, apparently, which is a shocker considering the millions of K-pop converts in existence. With an obscurity score of 171, my taste was revealed to be more obscure than 87% of the 14.5 thousand other Philippine-based users who had run their histories for a uniqueness check. Suffice to say that a population of 15 thousand isn’t exactly impressive, but with the global average at 192 points and lower scores meaning more obscurity, I guess that’s got to count for something.

Other cool features on Obscurify include a look at your most streamed tracks and artists—a nifty tool for those who don’t want to wait until the end of the year to see their Spotify Wrapped lists. Over in the frequently streamed tracks hierarchy, results are divided into Current and All-Time lists. Both are equipped with the convenient function of being auto-exported as a playlist, a faculty that’s especially useful for the likes of me, a.k.a. the forever-shuffling-my-Liked-Songs-instead-of-crafting-playlists sort.

What Does Your Spotify History Say About You?
What Does Your Spotify History Say About You?

The My Tracks portion of the prognosis goes a little deeper with a mood-based reading. According to my Obscurify read, most of my tracks fall under happy, positive, dancey vibes—probably a consequence of the tracks I stream when I work out.

Like a true check-up, the diagnosis wraps up with a prescription from Dr. Obscurify. In my case, I was recommended more Korean music, as well as R&B artist Lucky Daye, on whose stuff I’m already hitting the heart icon upon first listen.

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Ready for your own Spotify history to be read? Head on over to Obscurify and try it yourself. 

If you’re out for even more music to explore, we’ve got a new development over on Twitter. Check out weekly recommendations from Wonder and our friends coming in hot every Monday via the #WonderMusicMonday hashtag. Chime in with your own song of the moment every start of the week!

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