Finally, A Concert to Fill the Void that IRL Gigs Left Behind

Finally, A Concert to Fill the Void that IRL Gigs Left Behind

Mark your calendars for O/C Records’ Odd Creatures Our Cue



Remember when gigs were sweaty and loud and cathartic? When music flowed so loudly through venue speakers that your eardrums would suffer an inevitable beating if you happened to stand too close? When artists were, if you were lucky enough to stand by the stage or those god-forsaken barricades, within arm’s reach and not a flat fixture on screen?


Good god, those were the days.


The pandemic has wrangled plenty of great things out of our grip—the joy of experiencing gigs first-hand included. Since concerts found their place online, we’ve been graced with plenty of great ones, but we’ll admit that nothing can quite trump the feeling of connecting with people in a concert hall instead of the comments section.


There’s a je ne sais quoi to the live music experience. There’s always been something so personal about it. O/C Records aims to bring back exactly that, the intimacy of the gig, with Odd Creatures Our Cue.


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Finally, A Concert to Fill the Void that IRL Gigs Left Behind


Odd Creatures Our Cue is a story-telling kind of concert. The roster of performers features fifteen artists who will be sharing their new normal stories. Kean Cipriano, UNIQUE, Mimiyuuuh, Glaiza de Castro, Dora Dorado and Patty Tiu, among others, will be talking about how they’ve been, how they’ve managed to make music and how they put together performances for the fast-moving online space. In these unpredictable times, music-making requires you to play the game as the rules are being written. No one knows the truths and hardships of the art better than these folks.


Also on the roster are Earl Generao, Rice Lucido, Frizzle Anne, Zsaris, Martin Riggs, Cean Jr., Adie, Aly Remulla and Eugene Layug.


It’s going to be a night of music, stories and collective nostalgia. If your heart and soul and body miss the catharsis of real-life gigs just as much as we do, click into the broadcast on March 27 at 8PM to soothe that yearning, if only just a little. You can catch it live via the Facebook pages of O/C Records, Kean Cipriano or Viva Artists Agency . Odd Creatures Our Cue will also be re-airing on March 28 at 8PM via the Viva Records YouTube channel.


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