Men On Male #BodyPositivity, Their Dream Bae And Why

Men On Male #BodyPositivity, Their Dream Bae And Why

Their answers might surprise you



It’s no secret that society holds women to a standard that isn’t the same as its standard for men. And while I could go on about unequal pay and unequal opportunities, we’re all here to talk about something a little shallower and more superficial: Ideal body types.


Women are generally more forgiving when it comes to sizing up and appreciating a person’s body, no matter what their gender or age. And before I get stoned for saying that, there’s actual research to back it up. FitRated surveyed a total of 2017 people and simply asked them what their ideal body type is. The options “average,” “muscular,” “curvy,” “other” and “thin” were presented.


Majority of the women, regardless of their sexual orientation, chose “average.” Meanwhile, the gay men chose “muscular” and the straight men picked “curvy.” Ay, there’s the rub. “Curvy” could mean anything! It could mean some meat around the thighs, stomach and arms or it could just mean big boobs and big hips.


Well, here are some real answers from a 21-member group of Filipino straight men aged 20 to 41.


On their ideal woman:



On what they want their girlfriend to look like:



On what they want their wives to look like:



We can see that the men surveyed generally prefer a woman who is fit yet curvy but not overweight. No words were used to describe the girls during the survey, but a great majority of the men said they picked Option B because she had “a little bit of meat in her.” They didn’t want someone that was too skinny or too overweight. Interesting, huh? There’s more:


On the body they want:



On what they think girls want their boyfriends to look like:



On what they think girls want their husbands to look like:



So apparently, it’s not just that women are more accepting, it’s that men know this is so. In fact, some of them went on the record to state that girls would like to be married to Mr. Dad-Bod over someone that had chiseled abs. The general consensus though? Someone that fell between lean and overly muscular, a body that is more manageable and realistic.


Now, now. Breathe. The numbers aren’t that promising, but their reasons were (actually, not really).

 body-positivity-toned-girl Sexy and hot

—A, aged 24


Healthier and sexier

—J, aged 23



 body-positivity-curvy-girl It’s just more attractive

—P, aged 26



—C, aged 30



 body-positivity-toned Because it’s healthy

—J, aged 21


It’s realistic and manageable

—K, aged 26


 body-positivity-dad-bod Because it means they are taking care of their husbands

—D, aged 24


Para mas angat sila [aesthetically]?

—C, aged 30



This group of men, who all generally fell between Options B and D, admitted that they would change their bodies if given the choice, finances and spare time. But it wouldn’t be to look good or impress anyone else (wives and girlfriends included)—it would for their own sake of being healthier and fitter.


Moreover, very few confessed that they were insecure. In fact, majority are fine with their bodies the way they are. Some even said they’d rather change their head shape, blood disorders and facial hair.


At least they have that going for them, right?


Art Alexandra Lara


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