Instagram Accounts to Follow for Your Mental Health

Instagram Accounts to Follow for Your Mental Health

Scroll your way towards mental wellness 



Normalizing the discussion on mental health starts with the simple things. It entails being cautious of how you expend your energy and easily recognizing what goes into your system. Pro-tip: A regular social media cleanse is good for the soul once in a while. If following users with all-too-perfect, unachievable lives (and bodies) takes a toll on your self-esteem and mental wellness, it's time to click unfollow. There's no shame in that.


If you do find yourself mindlessly scrolling on your phone, here are some bona fide mental health advocates to make the day-to-day easier.


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Rukmini Poddar


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NYC based illustrator, designer and #100DayProject artist Rukmini Poddar considers herself an online therapist. She “draws people's emotions” and “has an illustration for every feeling.” In her self-published book, 100 Obscure Emotions, she explores complex, unseen emotions in various topics like relationships, vulnerability and acceptance. Get to know more about her at Dear Ruksi.


Amber Rae


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Bestselling author and speaker Amber Rae may just be your brand of self-help. Dubbed as the “Elizabeth Gilbert of her generation,” she wrote Choose Wonder Over Worry to explore pragmatic tips on overcoming worry and anxiety. On the daily, she posts easy-to-swallow content on how to filter feedback, how to set boundaries, how to reset habits, how to sit with discomfort and the like. Start (or end) the day with her daily check-ins and see how your perspective changes.


Lindsay Braman


Before anything else, a significant PSA from Lindsay Bramand: Instagram is not therapy. In the age of anxiety, the Seattle-based therapist and writer educates through her “psychology doodles. ” Whether it be a digestible visual study on trigger warnings or what goes on in couples therapy and even how to respond to self-harm, there's something to learn for everyone.


The Official Sad Ghost Club


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Your productivity doesn't define your worth. This gentle reminder is brought to you by The Sad Ghost Club, an online club for everyone—especially for those who feel like they don't belong anywhere—raising positive mental health awareness through comics and community. The iconic ghost character identifies and empathizes with anyone who feels alone and displaced. Aside from posting regularly on their social platforms, the three creators (Nathan, Lize and Helen) sell merchandise and hold workshops. They have also partnered with Off The Record, a UK based Organization offering free mental health support for young people aged 11-25.


Tori Press


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On “It's Therapy Thursday,” Tori takes her audience in her therapy sessions destigmatizing conversation on counseling. She writes, “Sometimes you might need it. Sometimes you might not. But you should always know it’s there, waiting.” She considers herself a human storyteller and her quaint illustrations are a successful interpretation of how pain has purpose.


How Do You Adult


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Adulting is difficult, and nobody can display the realities of growing up (and old) better than Fran a.k.a. How Do You Adult. The twenty-something illustrates her day-to-day experiences as somebody dealing with anxiety. Sometimes, you have the answers but most of the time, you don't. Whether you procrastinated again or apologized too many times, be kind to yourself; you're doing your best.


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Introvert Doodles


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Marzi Wilson is a self-professed introvert—obviously—and author of Introvert Doodles and The Little Book of Big Feelings. Her relatable musings on vulnerability and, ultimately, being human is a joy to survey. My personal favorite comic is on crappy apologies; yes, a real apology includes ownership of the other person's pain and ownership of the damage inflicted.



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What are simple steps you take to better your mental wellness?



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