Stop Waiting To Be Ready Or For The Perfect Time

Stop Waiting To Be Ready Or For The Perfect Time

 I’m not saying be reckless. I’m saying…



In life, there are things we can prepare for: a big test, a job interview, first date, marriage, first baby. The list goes on. But, and I think this has been said many times before, while we can prepare for the things we know are going to or about to happen, life likes to keep us on our toes (see: 2020). Sadly, unexpected events, like a health crisis, disaster and death happen. And it’s when they ensue that regret creeps in.


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You’re never going to be fully ready until you commit to doing something and there is never going to be a perfect time to take action. So, launch that passion project, quit your job if you hate it so much (BUT HAVE A PLAN B), be with people you love, unfriend those who bring you down, kick bad habits and embrace new ones. 


I’m not saying be reckless. I’m saying…


Sometimes, the only thing standing between you and your goal is…you.

Even in my 30s, the age where people are supposed to know what they’re doing and feel 100% sure of themselves, there are times when I think I’m not capable, talented, or just not enough. Chalk it up to a bad day or bad experience. But it’s easier to think of excuses why you can’t instead of why you can. It’s also easier to say, bukas nalang or tomorrow, I’ll do it…until you know, you run out of time. 


Seize that opportunity, use time wisely and just run with it.

Opportunities can be given, but they can also be found depending on how you see the glass (half empty or half full?). And those who seize opportunities know that time is a valuable resource that you can never get back. So they make the most of it, they take risks and run with what they have, and they reap the benefits.


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Think of it this way: the most common regret people have is often shoulda woulda coulda or things you didn’t do but should have, would have and could have. 


Trust yourself and the universe, and do it.

The hard part is always getting started, isn’t it? We make plans only to psych ourselves out and end up not doing anything at all. We’re so afraid to fail that we’d rather stay where we are, right where it’s comfortable and safe. But you’ll never be as big or successful as you want to be until you try, and failure is part of the process. Besides, it’s mad to think you can get it right the first time, and I mean that in all aspects.


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Focus on the present and don’t think too far ahead into the future. Stop questioning yourself and don’t take what everyone tells you, especially about yourself as truth.


As the Sara Bareilles song goes:


Say what you wanna say

And let the words fall out

Honestly I wanna see you be brave


It’s never too late.



Art Alexandra Lara

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