Recounting Beyoncé’s Best Music Video Looks

Recounting Beyoncé’s Best Music Video Looks

We look back at Beyoncé's memorable music video looks



There’s a reason why Beyoncé remains one of the biggest icons in the world. After all, her impact and chokehold on the music industry is no joke. She has released chart-topping albums throughout her career and has a discography filled with hits. She’s become a beacon of philanthropy and activism, especially in uplifting marginalized communities. And, to complete the package, her fashion is ***Flawless, even down to her own athletic line with adidas called IVY PARK. Honestly, who’s doing it like her?


So, to celebrate her 41st birthday and the ever-potent energy of Virgo season, we compile 10 of Beyoncé’s iconic music video looks. While everyone’s definition of iconic is different, here’s ours.


  1. Crazy In Love


Beyoncé’s first foray into the music scene as a solo act materializes in Crazy In Love, which is probably one of the best songs from its era. More than its impact on music, Crazy In Love also has a lot of memorable looks. However, the standout might be the simplest: how can one forget her white tank top and itty bitty denim shorts combo, complete with red stiletto pumps? Even decades later, the outfit formula gets rehashed and reinvented by Normani, Nicki Minaj and even Hyuna, but Beyoncé remains the blueprint.


  1. Diva


We’re throwing it back a bit for this one. While some fashion choices from the late 2000s to early 2010s should stay in that decade, we can’t help but admire Queen Bey’s true hustla fashion in Diva. The black leather jacket, white tank and skinny jeans can look more like an off-duty model look, but the smaller details make it a boss bitch outfit. The silver tassel sunglasses, heeled boots and a cropped jacket make a statement. Completed with a slicked-back ponytail, this outfit screams no-nonsense.


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  1. Formation


You guessed it, another look from Lemonade lands on this list. This time, it’s Beyoncé’s all-black look from Formation. While the music video is chockful of iconic outfits, we’re leaning towards her black gothic ensemble. The singer uses black as a canvas and excessorizes by piling tons of silver jewelry on her wrists and neck. She caps it off (quite literally) with a wide-brimmed hat, deep velvet lip and long, long plaits.


  1. Check On It


While Beyoncé doesn’t like Check On It as much as we do, the music video is nothing short of a pink paradise. Flowy pink backdrops and rightfully coordinated outfits of all shades make it a dream to watch, even in the present time. However, the standout look for this video is her baby pink co-ord set. With a pleated mini skirt and long-sleeved crop top, this outfit screams everything we seem to love about the Y2K era and would even hit off today.


  1. Countdown


Where do we even begin with Countdown? The Funny Face-inspired music video became a cultural movement for all sorts of reasons, with references to other pop culture movements throughout, such as the pop art in different frames in the video. But of course, the best outfit from this video is her maternity-wear-Mugler. The then-mom-to-be Beyoncé showed off her baby bump throughout Countdown, but it was most evident when she donned the form-fitting black and white dress.


  1. XO


Arguably, one of the best and euphoric slow jams (and songs of the summer) in the whole world is Beyoncé’s XO. Her effortless look is made up of a loose tank top, black bralette, skinny blue jeans and black heel boots. Of course, to zhuzh up the basic combo, she excessorizes with gold jewelry and an amusement park staple: a light-up ribbon headband. If there’s one outfit (and one instance) that tells us that she’s just like us (fr), it’s this one.


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  1. I’m That Girl


Beyoncé is yet to drop music videos for the singles off RENAISSANCE, but even with the crumbs from I’M THAT GIRL’s teaser, we all know the jaw-dropping looks she’ll appear in. So far, we’re highly into the Barbarella-fication of Beyoncé. Her black bodysuit with a built-in silver breastplate is giving Alien Superstar in the best way possible. She completes the look with sleek sunglasses and her very own phaser. And honestly? It throws us back a bit to our March 2021 cover with Janine Gutierrez.


  1. Apeshit


In 2018, Beyoncé and Jay-Z banded together to become one of the most powerful couples in the world as The Carters, releasing an album called Everything Is Love. They make a statement by shooting the video for Apeshit in The Louvre for this. However, Beyoncé’s head-to-toe Versace look takes the crown for this music video. The Baroque-inspired prints make her a sight to behold. How does that quote go, again? “In a gallery filled with art, I’d still be staring at Beyoncé,” or something?


  1. MOOD 4 EVA


Much like all of her music videos, MOOD 4 EVA always comes in hot with the drip. Honestly, picking out a favorite from this modern art piece was difficult, so we chose two.


The first look, of course, is Beyoncé’s bedazzled leopard print bodysuit by Valentino. She completes everything with a matching sparkly train, sunglasses and car. The second look is a lush blue Alejandro Collection gown, which she pairs with a larger-than-life lace hat. The custom dress, with billowing sleeves and a never-ending train, just screams royalty.


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  1. Hold Up


For Lemonade, AKA Queen Bey’s most critically acclaimed album out of her discography, the icon dropped an entire visual album to accompany her songs, clocking in a long list of iconic outfits. But perhaps her most revered and remembered look is the mustard Roberto Cavalli gown from Hold Up. The dress bolsters her sexy, feminine energy as Beyoncé swings her baseball bat at anything she wants to—a mix of femininity, raw emotion and vengeance in true Lemonade fashion.


What other looks by Beyoncé deserve a spot on our list? Sound off in the comments below!



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