Fighting Fatphobia: 9 Clothing Brands That Fit Every Body

Fighting Fatphobia: 9 Clothing Brands That Fit Every Body

Let’s talk about size-inclusive brands



Let’s face it: fashion can be pretty fatphobic. From the very concept of sizing to the sparse representation of diverse body types, there’s no question that the fashion industry is biased towards the skinny bodies of society. With years of media trends pushing thin into the spotlight, brands have completely thrown inclusivity out the window. But in recent years, we’re finally flipping the narrative around. 


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Calling out the toxicity in the fashion industry has been a trend on TikTok for quite some time. Although conversations about this aren’t new, it’s only been in recent years that more brands are taking action and creating new spaces that aim to fight fatphobia in the industry. Ahead are nine of our favorite local brands changing the fashion industry landscape as they bring together style, comfort, inclusivity and diversity into a conversation to fight fatphobia once and for all.




In a world where sizing boxes us in, Kaddadia questions the structure of usual clothing sizes and redefines it completely in its collections. From pieces that are truly free-size to Kaddadia-specific numbered sizing, everything about the brand challenges the norms of fashion and makes a clear statement: Fashion is meant to transform with our naturally fluctuating bodies.


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Float Swim


Inclusive swimwear is at the heart of Float Swim’s brand mission. From welcoming all body types into their catalog to presenting a wide selection of swimwear that fits every body, Float Swim offers a fresh take on typical swimwear brands that finally forge a space for positive body representation. And we’re all for it!


Every Body


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Every Body highlights every body as its intentional designs carefully consider every concern, addressing it through the pieces they create. Elevating sexiness through reinventing silhouette structures and really taking feedback into account every step of the way, Every Body does everything it can to make sure you’re truly wearing your best self in its pieces.




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Crossing out the toxicity in sizing altogether is SUOT, crafting clothes for every shape and shade. Each piece is designed to fit all body types and is one of the few local brands dedicated to making genderless clothing. Their pieces are the perfect mix of timelessness and uniqueness that deserve a spot in your wardrobe.


Exztra Plus


Looking for a variety of pieces that offer sizing that actually fits plus-sized? Extra Plus’s catalog is the one-stop shop where pieces run from XL to 3XL and are super affordable yet stylish. 


Tayo Studio


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Tayo Studio prides itself on its promise of offering ethical and inclusive fashion made to fit different body types. Trendy and chic, each piece empowers femininity in the pretty patterns, silhouettes, colors and styles that makeup Tayo Studio’s collections.


Love Curves PH


Locally designed and produced, Love Curves PH promises to create pieces for the curvy, fashion-savvy woman. With a variety of items to choose from, this is another one-stop shop for all your fashion basics.


Say Herah


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Herah is about creating inclusive innerwear for women of all shades and sizes. Offering seamless undergarments that cater to all body types, Herah promises comfort and wearability in all their pieces. 




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SOLÁ Shapewear is crafted with the belief that every curve and contour is a unique testament to individual beauty. Created by Kylie Verzosa, the brand goes beyond clothing and promises to redefine self-expression and confidence through pieces that stand by body positivity.


What is your favorite inclusive clothing brand?



Words Vanessa Tiong

Art Dani Sison


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