A Lesson In Mood-Based Dressing: Keiko Fox and Her 5 Go-To Outfit Formulas


May 12, 2021
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Welcome to a new series where we invite our style crushes to break down their favorite outfit combos



A part of me refuses to believe that the stylish dancer-slash-muse lived and died in the heyday of 2000’s dance movies. (Repeat watchers of You Got Served, Step Up and Honey know.) Whether Keiko Nakajima AKA Keiko Fox shares the idea, I have yet to confirm. But it’s clear that her style harks back to the sweet spot of that era.


As a dancer herself, she obviously has the chops and not just the look down-pat––which reminds me: great time to bring up the dance video that got Wonder’s attention. You can see here Keiko managing the kind of undone layering that dancers, in particular, pull off so well. And that’s not even half of what makes her style evolution so much fun to follow.


Catch her in-tandem with her partner in crime Issa Pressman. Other times, find her marching to the beat of her own drum. In any case, according to Keiko, she enjoys keeping things mood-based, thoughtfully mixing and matching pieces to get just the silhouette with the most impact. 


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“Usually, I get inspiration from tried-and-tested formulas, but I always add my own twist [to things],” she shares. Streetwear brands, for Keiko, are a constant; same goes for incorporating menswear into her wardrobe. What she makes sure to leave room for now is finding ways to inject more feminine elements. See it all come together below via Keiko’s five go-to outfit formulas. 


A-Bra-and-a-Tube-Top + Colorful DIY Trousers + Eyewear + Colorful Clips

Just a throwback to when events were a regular thing. In Keiko’s words, too: a great time for outfits that fill in a “gulo-gulo craving.” The idea is that anything goes. That said, building an outfit is still about making a look cohesive and intentional. Probably the simplest way to do that is to lead with colors that mesh well together.



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A Bralette + Oversized Trousers + a Bandana + Chunky Shoes + Big Accessories

Minor pitfall, but denim-on-denim without further consideration can easily make an outfit look dated. Making tweaks such as pairing a denim bralette (something easier on the eyes) with loose-fit jeans is one way to remedy the situation. To add another dimension, let your waistband hand out and throw on a bandana that matches.



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A Lounge Set + a Top In a Neutral Color + Boots + a Beret

Apart from dressing according to her mood, comfort is one other thing Keiko is big on. “I can go from loud and loose to super hubadera [laughs],” she says. “But I make sure what I wear doesn’t sacrifice comfort.” On days she wants to cozy up, her go-to outfit might look a little something like this:



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A Tube Top + an Oversized Polo + Boy Shorts + a Bandana

A look that’s perfect for summer weekends and getaways and, obviously, a lesson in balancing elements both feminine and masculine. “Then you can glam up the look by adding accessories,” recommends Keiko. “Like eyewear, a headpiece (like the I S S A bandana!) and earrings.”



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Coordinated Top and Bottoms + Clips + Eyewear

When asked about the occasion that calls for this outfit formula, Keiko categorically says: “for when I don’t want to be lowkey.” And, well, isn’t that apt? Coordinated sets don’t always have to be pared down and plain as evidenced by Keiko’s patchwork paisley top and trousers.



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