Korres Is Made With Natural Greek Products To Bring Out The Goddess In You

Korres Is Made With Natural Greek Products To Bring Out The Goddess In You

Korres’ products are are rich in the best of Greece’s natural resources–Greek olive oil and more



Who else is tired of feeling and looking tired? Hard same for me. I’m not about to make false promises and tell you these Korres products will magically turn you into a Greek goddess overnight. However, with the right products and religious use, these skincare and fragrance picks might just help bring out the goddess in you. After all, they’re packed with natural ingredients from the land of gods with Greek olive oil as one of its hero ingredients.


Born out of Athens, Greek skincare brand Korres offers clean and sustainable choices for your skin. And this holiday season, the brand is highlighting Korres Pure Greek Olive with an extensive selection of skincare, body care and lip care essentials, as well as its Eau De Toilette Collection featuring scents made for different occasions. 


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Goddess Glow


For the Skin

Give yourself the gift of healthy, glowing skin with one of Korres’ best-selling products, Pure Greek Olive 3in1 Nourishing Oil. It’s rich in organic extra virgin olive oil and a concoction of vitamins C, E, F and omega-6 fatty acids for smooth, supple skin. This multitasking product is also great for the hair as it promotes shiny, silky tresses and prevents breakage and frizz.


Looking for something that effectively but gently removes dirt and makeup? Try the Greek Olive 3-in-1 Cleansing Emulsion. It contains natural purifying agents that deeply cleanses. Best paired with a creamy exfoliator, like Pure Greek Olive Creamy Exfoliating Scrub, the exfoliant boasts natural olive stone grains that effectively removes dead skin cells. The result? The glowing skin of your dreams.



To keep skin moisturized and nourished sans the ick, meet Korres’ creamy but lightweight solution: Pure Greek Olive Moisturising Day Cream. It works hard to retain hydration and keep skin supple while delivering a natural matte finish. This cream works wonders especially on oily and acne-prone skin.


At night, give skin the extra care it deserves with Pure Greek Olive Nourishing Night Cream. Packed with antioxidant olive leaf extract, extra virgin olive oil, and hyaluronic acid, this miracle cream reinforces the skin’s natural defenses and relieves it from stress, dehydration and dullness.


For the lips, there’s Korres' Pure Greek Olive Lip Oil. The ultra-hydrating lip oil not only keeps puckers supple and plump, but leaves a natural shiny finish with a flash of shimmer, too. 


Korres Is Made With Natural Greek Products To Bring Out The Goddess In You


For the Body

Make daily baths and showers an indulgent treat with Pure Greek Olive Traditional Soap. Made with 100% natural olive oil soap base, it gently cleanses and leaves skin feeling soft and supple. Favor shower gels? Korres also offers their soap in liquid form with Pure Greek Olive Shower Gel and in different divine scents, like Olive Blossom, Verbena, Sea Salt, Golden Apple, Lime, Pomegranate, and Peach Blossom. Post-shower, lather on Pure Greek Olive Body Cream available in the same scents to lock in moisture and keep you smelling good.


Dry skin problems? Korres’ Pure Greek Olive Body Balsam is a godsend for visibly dry areas of the body, like elbows and heels. With super ingredients, like extra virgin olive oil and toning olive leaf extract, that deliver intense hydration, your parched skin will thank you later. Throw in the Pure Greek Olive Hand Cream to give you soft, satin-smooth hands.


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Divine Scents 

Scents have the power to trigger memories and create anew. And with the holidays already here, now’s the perfect time to make new memories with those we hold near and dear. 


Be reminded of the season’s delicate warmth with the indulgent blend of cashmere and Kult. Featuring base notes of cedarwood and vanilla, a whiff will awaken your olfactory senses. 


Morning Mimosa will conjure up memories of easy, sunlit mornings. Meanwhile, sultry scents like Vanilla Freesia, a heady mix of florals, ripened lychee and vanilla, and White Tea made with a refreshing cocktail of bergamot, neroli, mandarin and delicate white tea, call to mind quiet and intimate occasions. Mountain Pepper is reminiscent of an escape to the great outdoors with its fresh and fruity smell and woody notes. Finally, Oceanic Amber, a fusion of wood, salt and freshwater, will take you back by the sea and reignite your wanderlust. 


Korres Is Made With Natural Greek Products To Bring Out The Goddess In You



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Peep Korres’ collection of gifts and shop them in select Beauty Bar stores,,, and the Korres Flagship Store in LazMall.



Art Matthew Fetalver


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