Local Fashion Brands We Loved Before Instagram

Local Fashion Brands We Loved Before Instagram

Artwork, Team Manila and more—where are they now?



Everybody has their fair share of regrettable style decisions—bedazzled tees, bootcut and low-rise jeans, fedora hats—in the early '00s. These trends were short-lived but the Internet will always remember.


Before the domination of global brands like Uniqlo, Forever 21 and H&M in the country, we had our own local favorites. Before digital shopping platforms like Lazada, Zalora and Shopee existed, bricks-and-mortar were our go-to's. At this point, my peers and I were just trying to figure out what we liked, occasionally following the trend and exploring different styles.


We look back at some local fashion brands that make us nostalgic. Where are they now?


Inspired by all things fun and quirky, Artwork is well-known for humorous Pinoy quotes and pop culture references, old and new, embedded on their merchandise. From distinct white T-shirts—fit for a student's measly allowance—to graphic coin purses, tote bags, notebooks and pins, they have it all. As a budding designer and illustrator in my teenage years, I remember trying out for their T-Shirt Design Contest ala Threadless. (I didn't win.) I would reference the brand once in a while for my works, I even dreamt of working for the brand. It had that great of an impact to me.



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Artwork is available on Shopee


Team Manila

What began as a graphic design studio in 2001, Team Manila is the brainchild of Jowee Alviar and Raymund Punzalan. The brand is all about remembering the past and honoring the legacy of those who came before us. They are in the business of speaking to the young and young at heart to “trace back their roots and use it as an inspiration for the future.” Their most recent collection features iconic Eraserheads inspired merchandise, commemorating their 30th year in the industry.



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Team Manila is available on Lazada.


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Daily Grind Clothing

An umbrella brand of Team Manila, Daily Grind Clothing, which was created back in 2005, highlights “trends that stem from grassroots level.” The homegrown streetwear brand is well-known for its urban, grunge aesthetics. Aside from their graphic T-shirts, they also sell bucket hats, hoodies and stickers constantly incorporating Filipino imagery.



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Daily Grind Clothing is available on Lazada



Fishnet stockings, lace corsets, rhinestone covered jeans—these are some of the pieces you'd find in the treasure trove that is Y.R.Y.S or Your Rules, Your Style, the sister brand of Genevieve Gozum. Some apparel, you won't be caught dead wearing at home (or your parents would throw a fit). There's a mix of almost tacky print on print ensembles and basic black garbs. The things is, you either hate the place or love it.


Local Fashion Brands We Loved Before Instagram Local Fashion Brands We Loved Before Instagram


Y.R.Y.S. is available on Zalora.



It's worth mentioning that some brands we loved in our younger years haven't been able to keep up with the times. Others weren't able to adapt to the constant change and sustainability measures called for at present. Meanwhile, others have leveraged on shopping platforms to sell their apparel without the hassle of caring for a boutique. Still, these homegrown brands will always have a place in our hearts.


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Have brands that come to mind? Sound off in the comments below!



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