Margot Robbie’s Take on Barbiecore in her “Barbie” Press Tour

Margot Robbie’s Take on Barbiecore in her “Barbie” Press Tour

Margot Robbie ushers in the rebirth of timeless Barbiecore



We’ve seen “Barbiecore” all over social media for quite some time now. Picking up from Valentino’s signature Pierpaolo Piccioli Pink collection last Fall/Winter 2022-2023, Barbiecore has been on an upward trend since! So with the release of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, you can only imagine the explosion of hot pink and all things sequins in the fashion world. But to truly understand Barbiecore and the essence of this iconic era in fashion history, it’s only fitting to do a full-fledged deep dive analysis on none other than Barbie reincarnate—Margot Robbie. 


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Vintage Barbie dolls hit the red (pink, rather) carpet

Margot Robbie’s press tour looks have been nothing short of Barbie-licious and pink-tastic. More than that, every look she pulls up plays a homage to historical figures in Mattel’s vintage Barbie doll collections. So if you’ve ever imagined what your Barbie doll would look like in real life, here’s a rundown of every Barbie doll Margot Robbie dressed up as on the press tour for Barbie the movie.


“Totally Hair” Barbie


Mattel’s best-selling doll, “Totally Hair” Barbie, was Margot Robbie’s style inspiration for the press tour in Mexico. Wearing her gorgeous blonde hair in beach-ready mermaid waves to match the vintage doll, she graced the stage in a printed Emilio Pucci dress paired with bright pink Manolo Blahnik heels to finish the look.


“Enchanted Evening” Barbie


The European leg of the press tour met “Enchanted Evening” Barbie. Designed by Vivienne Westwood Couture, the satin number paired with elegant arm-length gloves proved to be unforgettable.


“Solo in the Spotlight” Barbie


Schiaparelli is known for their show-stopping looks on the red carpet, and they did not disappoint with this dazzling piece modeled after “Solo in the Spotlight” Barbie for the Los Angeles premiere of the movie. Complete with the red rose applique and sheer handkerchief, this look screams elevated Barbiecore!


The First Barbie


This Hervé Léger number is monumental as it pays tribute to the first-ever Barbie doll. This may be familiar as it appears on the Barbie trailer, parodying Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, which remains an iconic moment in cinematic history. Margot Robbie pairs Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses and her black Manolo Blahnik staple heels to finish off this picture-perfect look.


“Day to Night” Barbie

Margot wears Versace

Margot Robbie’s Take on Barbiecore in her “Barbie” Press Tour

 “Day to Night” Barbie (1985)


Another iconic look is Margot Robbie’s take on the “Day to Night” Barbie at the Seoul press tour. The dazzling outfit change by Versace highlights the doll's business-chic and pretty-princess look. Complete with a phone in hand and the cutest purse, she definitely made history that night. 


“Earring Magic” Barbie


Beyond the bright pink Balmain corset mini dress are the most eye-catching pair of statement earrings and matching silver chain belt modeled after 1992’s “Earring Magic” Barbie. Complete with neon pink pumps and blonde curls to match, this has got to be the most Barbie-coded outfit of the entire tour!



Bouncing to the after-party of the European leg of the press tour, Margot Robbie dawned a femme fatale red piece by Dilara Findikoglu modeled after the red swimsuit on “Brunette Bubble Cut” Barbie. The piece that stole the show, though, has to be the cutest satin bag by Maison Ernest.


“Sparkling Pink” Barbie


Talk about back-to-back vintage, Margot Robbie graced the Seoul press conference pink carpet wearing vintage Moschino. Pairing a bejeweled skirt suit from the Spring/Summer 2015 collection with a matching heart-shaped purse, sparkling headpiece and hot pink signature silhouette Manalo Blahnik heels, she was truly the star of the night.


“Pink and Fabulous” Barbie


Valentino turned what was once a simple chic dress into an elevated, fabulous number by simply adding our favorite element to the equation: a little bit of skin. Topping the look with a cute yellow bag to match the “Pink and Fabulous” Barbie doll, Margot Robbie was the definition of pink and fabulous!


Barbie on the go


Hopping from country to country was probably its own fiasco, but Margot Robbie and stylist Andrew Mukamal worked double time to make it all look as effortless as possible. Case in point: her fresh airport looks almost feel like looking at a Barbie doll roaming the streets of the real world. From her pink luggage to her accents of pink from head to toe, Barbiecore was definitely at the center of her styling guide, and we love every bit of it!


So as Margot Robbie (and the Barbie film’s overworked marketing team) takes Barbiecore from an anticlimactic fad to a fabulous rebirth no fashion trend has ever seen before, let’s all learn a thing or two from the masterpiece that is Margot’s Barbiecore era.



Words Vanessa Tiong

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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