Make Way, Nuxe’s Super Serum [10] Is Now Available In The Philippines

Make Way, Nuxe’s Super Serum [10] Is Now Available In The Philippines

This super serum promises to make skin behave younger, giving you smooth, plump, luminous skin



Part of what lifestyle editors and writers do is try out new products. This is especially true in the world of beauty and personal care. We unbox, try and experiment with new releases–moisturizers, tubes of lipstick, you name it–and let the world know which ones worked (for us) or are worth trying. And because beauty brands churn out new products or refresh packaging quite often, emptying bottles and scraping the bottom of that tube of lippie is a rare occurrence.


So when a brand you love—yes, that brand whose bottles, pots and jars you’ve emptied to the last drop—comes out with something new or makes a super product finally available in your country, you pay attention and carve out a space for it on your beauty counter.



Beauty junkies, meet Nuxe’s Super Serum [10], the universal age-defying concentrate that finally made its way here in the Philippines! Promising to make skin behave as if it were 10 years younger (that is, based on in vitro testing), Nuxe’s Super Serum is a fusion of natural hyaluronic acid and botanical oils. From the first drop, skin appears smooth, plump and luminous. Used regularly, this super serum can help improve signs of aging—wrinkles, firmness and dark spots.


Clean and vegan, Nuxe’s super serum smells of fresh botanicals (close to the Huile Prodigieuse Florale in my opinion) and has a silky texture that melts on skin. Lathering it on is a sensorial experience that works as a pick-me-up in the day and serves as a well-deserved skin treat at night.


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Best of all, you can layer it under your favorite moisturizer! But I have yet to see the full results of using this product regularly, so watch this space for Wonder’s Test Drive Diaries featuring Nuxe’s Super Serum [10].


Formulated and produced in France, Nuxe’s Super Serum [10] is available in 30ml bottles and retails for P4,950.



Art Alexandra Lara

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