Thrifting and Other Sustainable Ways to Up Your Fashion Game

Thrifting and Other Sustainable Ways to Up Your Fashion Game

Every day is a good day for thrifting



2023 was off to a great start when the United Nations reported that the ozone layer is en route to a healed state, as long as we continue to minimize harm. Mother Earth is a relatable queen indeed—even she goes through a healing stage.


Kidding aside, it’s no secret that one of the biggest contributors to environmental harm is the fashion industry. But the purveyors aren’t the only ones to blame. After all, their businesses wouldn't thrive without us, the consumers.


Understandably, clothing is something we all can’t live without. It’s an important part of our daily lives, so it only makes sense to consume it in big amounts. However, there are ways to do it sustainably. So why not explore better options?


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Shop slow

Fast fashion was born from the consumer’s desire to “stay relevant.” A style becomes trendy, then everyone wants in. The thing is, trends change before you even get your hands on whatever’s popular at the moment. Fast fashion is the industry’s effort to keep up with quick and overwhelming demands. Aside from its negative environmental impact, it is often associated with inhumane labor practices (literal blood, sweat and tears).


The mature and responsible sister of fast fashion is—gaspslow fashion. These pieces are made in small batches to avoid excess production (hence, excess waste). Slow fashion is undeniably costly, but that’s because you’re paying for better labor and quality. Some shops we suggest are HEURE 1:41, Rags2Riches and Candid Clothing.



“Shop slow” can also be interpreted literally. Ask yourself, “Do I really want this? Or am I just bored?” Hopping on trends just for the hell of it leaves no room for individuality, so take your time when it comes to shopping for your clothes. If you’re an online shopper, try the One Week Rule: if you see something you like, add it to your cart and let it stay there for a week. If you still want it by then, that’s when you can check it out.


P.S. Keep in mind that online shopping makes use of tons of plastic. Organizations like The Plastic Flamingo and The Blastik Project collect and upcycle plastic.


Wear second-hand

Second-hand clothes withstand the test of time, proving that they are both sustainable and classic. Of course, no conversation about sustainability will be complete without thrift shops. Thrift shops are a treasure trove of pieces that suit all styles. So if you have a little less cash in your wallet and a little more time and patience on your hands, maybe thrifting is for you!


With the new normal coming into play, thrifting has become more accessible since they entered the world of online selling. Two IG thrift shops you can check out are Shop Florice and Wear Boys Go. Shopping second-hand online isn’t limited to just IG, though! Have you explored Carousell?



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If you think nothing beats the experience of physical thrifting, you must be happy to see thrift shops opening again. We are, too! There’s just something so rewarding about going through hundreds of racks and hangers, and finally seeing that one-of-a-kind piece you’ve been searching for. Go pop some tags at iconic shops like Makati Cinema Square and Anonas Ukay-ukay!



Rent clothes

Events are happening left and right, just like old times. While this is something to be grateful for, we must admit that themes and dress codes can be a bit of a hassle. Seriously, when are you going to wear a mermaid-inspired ensemble again?


In cases like such, rent comes to the rescue! Clothing is meant to be worn, not to collect dust in your closet. Some fashion rental services you can check out are Vestido Manila and Gowns for Rent Manila by Damsel.



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Your appearance introduces you before you speak a word, so it’s important to wear clothes that capture your style and personality. Shop with consciousness and intention. Think of the environment as much as you think of yourself, because what’s the point of having all these clothes if we won’t have a place to wear them to?



Words Kyla Villena

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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