Where to Donate Clothes That No Longer Spark Joy

Where to Donate Clothes That No Longer Spark Joy

It’s spring cleaning szn! Here are places where you can donate clothes (and other things)



Humans are creatures of evolution. One of the ways we manifest this in modern times is through the constant changing of our personal styles. We outgrow clothes and fashion trends that we swear we can’t live without. But there’s no need to be sad—it only means we’re getting to know ourselves better. And just because they no longer spark joy for you, doesn’t mean they won’t spark joy for others. Keep reading if you’re wondering where to donate your pre-loved clothes!


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Segunda Mana

Segunda Mana is operated by the non-profit organization Caritas Manila. Through selling in-kind donations, they raise funds for over 5,000 scholars and more than 300 micro-entrepreneurs and families. Beyond clothing, they accept furniture, books, toys—anything that still has value (Segunda Mana, all-rounder!). As of today, they have 54 locations. If you don’t have time to visit one, they can pick it up from your house!



For more details on Segunda Mana, check out their website and Facebook page, or reach them  via [email protected].


Goodwill Industries of the Philippines, Inc. (GIPI)

“Enabling the disabled” is the primary goal of GIPI. Like the previous NGO, GIPI accepts in-kind donations and sells them in their thrift shop as a means to fund their training and placement programs for PWDs. Being part of this cause helps multiple people at the same time—you as you get rid of clothes you don’t need, others as they find good products at a reduced cost and PWDs as they receive more support! It all starts with you, the kween of letting go (Elsa who?).



To know more about Goodwill Industries of the Philippines, Inc., view their website and Facebook page, or email them at [email protected].


Wear Forward

Wear Forward is a fashion tech start-up that champions circular fashion. They turn clothing into service—by service, we mean both serving the community and providing actual services such as renting, swapping and whatnot.


Photos courtesy of The Sustainable Fashion Forum


Through collaborative consumption, Wear Forward contributes to closing the loop. Have your clothes be part of this change! Access their website and Facebook page or contact them through [email protected].



Having no time to visit donation sites or to ship out your clothes is no excuse! You can still make change while frolicking at your neighborhood mall—as long as there’s a UNIQLO in it. That’s right, the beloved brand accepts clothing donations and gives them to communities in need as one of their sustainability initiatives. While they encourage you to donate UNIQLO items, they still accept other brands. After all, help chooses no name.



To find UNIQLO branches near you, search in their store locator. For more details on this initiative, visit their website or Facebook page.


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The fashion industry is one of the biggest producers of textile waste, which harms the environment to an unimaginable extent. Our advice? Less is more. This is often said when putting a look together, but it’s also best to remember when assessing how many clothes you own. Test your creativity, and let go to create space for better things. One small act, when done by many, creates one big impact.



Words Kyla Villena

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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