It’s Possible That We’ve Found the Ultimate Pair of Pants for Every Occasion

It’s Possible That We’ve Found the Ultimate Pair of Pants for Every Occasion

We discover the countless possibilities of the EZY Ankle Pants at UNIQLO's Style Talks



You know how in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Toula’s family stands by Windex as a cure-all for absolutely everything? Certain members of my family have their own versions of that belief perseverance. My dad swears by Trosyd (the fungal cream, which I know is hardly what you came here to read about), while my grandmother would damn near lay her life on the line to prove that Tylenol tablets––always taken in twos––can answer to any ail. Growing up in that kind of environment, you’d think I’d be convinced that blanket solutions indeed do not exist. I was pretty firmly rooted in that belief, actually, until I spent a particularly enlightening Friday afternoon with Uniqlo.


EZY Ankle Pants aren’t the kind of clothing piece you just live your life not knowing about. Partially because they’re so well-loved that you likely own a pair in your closet or have at least seen them on someone else, but mostly because living in ignorant bliss of these trousers isn’t bliss at all. All I really needed to convince me to use up all the Uniqlo gift certificates I’ve accumulated from Christmases and birthdays past was a couple of hours of EZY exposure. Blanket solutions do exist, guys. These trousers are proof.


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Now, let me explain a little. This newfound love didn’t blossom out of the need to write this article, nor is this fueled by blind faith in the brand (although history proves I like their releases enough to cop at least one thing every season). The EZY Ankle Pants are comfortable thanks to their lightweight material and stretchy waistband, flattering because they’re designed to fall right at the ankles. They’re basic enough to work with pretty much any look, but come in a diverse range of colors and textiles that make me want to drop all my cash on them.


And well, if I have picked up a pair or two following that afternoon Style Talks session with Uniqlo, I don’t regret it. Daryl Chang and Vince Uy, two local fashion forces who don’t require introductions, presented a total of twelve trend-driven ways to style the EZYs, so it’s safe to say that I won’t be running out of inspiration soon.


But hey, in case you need a little extra convincing or styling inspo for the EZY Ankle Pants, here’s a quick rundown of the easiest yet most eye-catching trends presented by Daryl and Vince:


Go Mono

Uniqlo Style Talks It’s Possible That We’ve Found the Ultimate Pair of Pants for Every Occasion

When in doubt, reach for black (and then more black). This is a philosophy many a lazy dresser has lived by, simply because it’s particularly difficult to go wrong when wearing just one color. But this logic stop with blacks. Layering the same color or hue over and over to create a look is a textbook solution to any fashion dilemma. Daryl showed us this with a sharp gray-on-gray ensemble, while Vince opted to build up shades of blue for a dressy take on the EZY’s.


Color Pop

It’s Possible That We’ve Found the Ultimate Pair of Pants for Every Occasion If single-color fits are a little too safe for your liking, consider the appeal of the accent color. Juxtaposing a bright against an otherwise ordinary outfit is an easy way to level it up. While EZY Ankle Pants come mostly in toned down shades (although heads up, they have fresh additions like check print variations and two denim washes), they make for a good canvas for this kind of look.


Take a Hike

Taking cues from the utility boots and heavy-duty jackets of the hardcore hikers, Vince’s finishing look was easily one of the freshest takes on the EZY Ankle Pants we’ve seen. Layering a lightweight puffer jacket over printed flannel, then over a bright-colored tee is an easy way to make a standard pair of khakis look like it’s designed for form rather than function (even though with the EZY’s, both get equal footing). Consider it Pulag to Pob chic––except maybe lose the puffer on your way there. It’s Possible That We’ve Found the Ultimate Pair of Pants for Every Occasion


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Discover the EZY Ankle Pants online and in store at UNIQLO.



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