What’s Your Summer Tito Style?

What’s Your Summer Tito Style?

A quiz inspired by some men in film with really great style



Summertime and the livin’ is easy…especially if you dress for it.


The season is just about to move into full swing and it won’t be long until you have trips and back-to-back summer activities on your mind. For sure you’ll want to be unbothered once you switch to vacation mode, so now is the perfect time to get your summer ducks in a row. As early as now, you can tick “summer outfits” off your list, actually.


Our mantra is this: a non-boring summer equals a non-boring wardrobe, but don't worry not; you won’t have to try anything too outrageous here. Instead, we’ll pair you with a movie character, whose memorable style jives with yours. Think of this as finding out who your style match (made in movie heaven) is. Because really, who better to take cues from than the fellas who have realistic summer style down pat? They’re sharp, well-dressed and well-groomed gentlemen (who might as well put some sloppily dressed 20-something’s to shame).


Curious to know which stylish on-screen tito you should channel this summer? Take the quiz below to find out:


[wp_quiz id=”7851″]



Art Alexandra Lara

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