Real Hair Talk: Why We Need To *Really* Take Care of Our Locks

Real Hair Talk: Why We Need To *Really* Take Care of Our Locks

Repairing our relationship with our hair one step at a time



We all have a unique and different relationship with our hair, and sometimes it’s a harmonious dance of new styles and colors that boosts our confidence. But as how relationships go, we hit hard times, like a confusing web when our hair gets damaged from all the heat styling, dye jobs, perms and rebonds—you get the picture. And when that happens, we all know it affects how we care for our hair and see ourselves. Believe it or not—over half of Filipinas are affected by hair damage. So allow us to give you some real hair talk about why we need to take care of our locks.



Good hair = good health

With hair being an actual part of our bodies, it’s no secret that our lifestyle choices influence how it grows. Strong and sturdy strands mean that the body produces enough vitamins and proteins, specifically keratin, to nourish them. Experts recommend a healthy and balanced diet to help your body produce more keratin that strengthens your strands. 


But while we acknowledge that this correlation is very much real and existent, external factors also contribute to hair damage. Constant heat styling, dyeing your hair every other month and the existence of split ends—all these can still appear and wear out your relationship with your hair. 


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Good hair = self-esteem boost

One of the reasons that we do many things to our hair is that we need a self-esteem boost. We get new dye jobs to celebrate a significant life milestone or cut our bangs when the going gets extra tough. Plus, who has not become best friends with their heat styling tools that keep our hair in a specific place? All these help our self-esteem grow but also contribute to hair damage. As a result, the after-effects might weather our personal relationship with our hair. That’s why it’s highly important to take care of your locks with a no-fail routine that repairs and nourishes—to keep experimenting for your self-confidence.


Hair care as self-care

For many others, hair care involves a therapeutic wash routine that counts as active self-care, something to look forward to at the end of the week. We spend more time scrubbing the dirt and sweat off our scalps, massaging in different areas to unwind and relax. And if we’re feeling fancy, we splurge on hair treatments to heal the strands we’ve damaged amid all the styling and transformations. Taking care of our locks also means leaving some time for ourselves just to wash all the problems away, whether it’s the physical strain on our strands or the weight of the week. 


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…But it doesn’t need to cost a lot!


If there’s one misconception we all have about hair care is that we need a wide array of premium products to repair the damage. But that’s not always the case! Sometimes, you only need a trusty shampoo and conditioner tag-team to repair your hair and a routine that helps you recover like clockwork. Thankfully, Dove gives its Shampoos an upgrade. Now powered with Keratin Tri-Silk Serum and Amino Essence, the product boosts hair health and keeps those locks nice and healthy. Best paired with the Dove 1-minute Serum Conditioner to regrow damaged hair for the best results.


#RepairTheBond with #DovePH when you take the Dove Straight & Silky Shampoo and 1-minute Serum Conditioner out for a test drive. Learn more through Dove’s official website.


Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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