Geek Chic: The Four Eyes Club

The Four Eyes Club


June 1, 2018
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Geek chic style personalities all in attendance



Flip (err, swipe) through our June accessory editorial assembled in the guise of a school yearbook featuring the class of 2018. Captured by lensman Erwin Canlas, “The Four Eyes Club” is a little Freaks and Geeks and a little ‘80s working girl. It’s a shout-out and a tribute to the offbeat members of the crew, who figure you might as well inject style in sporting your specs.


Wearing glasses doesn’t mean you have to hide behind them either. No matter what the shape, size, tint or frame, there will always be plenty of room to still play around with makeup if you want to up your beauty game. It only becomes a matter of exploring ways to get those peepers to pop beneath your lenses. Just ask makeup artist Jia Achacruz, who went with a bright splash of yellow for model Zhenya’s beauty look. To really get those eyes to open up, she applied a nice coat of lengthening mascara on both the upper and lower lashes. As for tresses, hairstylist Pamm Merrera gave us her editorial take on “big hair, don’t care,” a look that brings us back to the days of a more carefree youth.


Now, kiddos, style class is officially in session.



The Four Eyes Club



It Boils down to a Style Science
The eyewear game is all about striking a balance. Oblong-shaped faces can rock teeny tiny rectangular frames since this eyewear shape tends to draw the eyes outward, creating a beautiful contrast to long face shapes.

The Four Eyes Club



Cool and Unusual
Eyewear frames with sharp points or distinct edges are a win for those with round faces. Or why not break the rules of style altogether? Opt for a pair of glasses in an extremely unconventional shape just for the heck of it.

The Four Eyes Club

The Four Eyes Club

A+ Styling
The rules are different for those with heart-shaped faces. Unlike all others, here, it’s ideal to mimic the shape of the face rather than counterbalance it in order to flatter the person’s facial features. Four-eyed beauties with heart-shaped faces can therefore pull off aviator frames best.


The Four Eyes Club

Best in Class
Soften the appearance of angular features by sporting specs with upswept shapes. Wire frames are always great, too, as they don’t overwhelm already prominent features.


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The Four Eyes Club


The Four Eyes Club

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Photography Erwin Canlas (New Monarq Creativx)

Creative Direction and Styling Nicole Blanco Ramos

Makeup Jia Achacruz

Hairstyling Pamm Merrera

Model Zhenya Glotova (New Monarq Creativx)

Final Art Alexandra Lara

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