Who’s That Girl: Content Creator Denise Julia

Who’s That Girl: Content Creator Denise Julia

Denise Julia Alberto talks rejection, perseverance and finding her space



Contrary to popular and simplified beliefs, making a life as a content creator isn’t easy. While the industry was once monopolized by the few who felt comfortable talking to a camera, could quickly edit videos and resonated with their audience, “everyone is a content creator now.” But the fact is that just because you can make content doesn’t mean you can make it your career.


This industry isn’t littered with open invitations and glittered walkways. It isn’t an easy one to tread—not mentally, physically or emotionally. It takes a certain level of grit, determination, strength and confidence to put yourself out there consistently.


Ahead, our interview with content creator Denise Julia Alberto, who knows a thing or two about what it’s like to grind your way into and make your own bubble in the creative space.


Who’s That Girl: Content Creator Denise Julia


Wonder: Give us a little background about yourself. When did you start your creative journey—particularly because you have such a traditional background in accounting?

Denise Julia: I started all of this because, ever since I was little, every time I [would] sing, dance or give a performance, my mom would always be recording me on her old video cameras. She always supported and encouraged me with my talents and helped me improve [them] by enrolling me in summer workshops and [empowering me to participate] in extracurricular activities in and outside of school. So I guess you could say [that] exploring this creative field was a lot easier because of the environment I grew up in; they didn’t hinder me from showing my true creative self and even helped me become better.


To be honest, I know I am not from a [traditionally creative] background when I tell people that I am a college student in the field of accountancy. But I never really thought that this was the field I'd be pursuing, and I only realized it in my first semester of first year in college. That's why I'm an irregular student; I was initially enrolled in Business Management and not accountancy because I was still very unsure of what I wanted. Growing up, all I wanted was to sing, dance, perform or simply talk in front of a camera.


W: Was there something missing from the creative landscape that you wanted yourself to fill?

DJ: I never really saw it like that, like there was a void that I needed myself to fill. It was really just more of like seeing and hearing a party from an outside and saying “Wow, that seems fun, I’ve gotta get in on that” and so I did, and my life changed forever.  


W: Who did you look up to in the creative industry prior to your decision to join?

DJ: Well, I've always been a fan of the “OG” YouTubers like Bethany Mota, Zoella, Pewdiepie, etc. They were such naturals in front of the camera, entertaining others by just being themselves. However, they were simply [some] of my inspirations for starting content creation. I feel like it was really instilled in my heart that I wanted to do this, and ever since then, I never stopped creating.


Who’s That Girl: Content Creator Denise Julia


It’s at this moment that the conversation becomes even more personal. Like a breath of fresh air, Denise Julia—or Juji, as she also likes to be called—admits that she is still in the process of finding her voice amidst the surplus of noise in the creative space. “It feels like I’m dabbling in a bit of everything sometimes, which can be a little exhausting,” she starts. “I see content [creation] as a wonderful partner in the process of self-discovery, and I’ll always be thankful to God for guiding me in pursuing this path and blessing me with numerous wonderful opportunities that pushed me out of my comfort zone.”


And there’s another myth debunked: that every content creator needs to fill in a specific slot, to feed a certain audience, to talk about defined topics; that a creative needs to be and stay a certain way.


Besides, being part of the creative world—especially being a creator—is hard enough without finding a box to squeeze yourself into. “I try to my best to always be authentic to myself, and ensure I’m not swayed by what people may be saying about my work,” says Juji. “It’s easy to get caught up in the social media world today, just doing what everyone else is doing and finding success in that, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But I don’t want to lose my way by doing that…I want to make sure that what whatever I’m doing, I’m doing what my younger [self] would have been happy doing.”


As our conversation with Juji continues, she starts to talk about the best parts of what she does. Amidst the pressure to create, find her space and hone her craft, she’s found something to keep pushing. “[It’s] the community I’ve built over the years,” she says. “I feel like I’ve built a family just by doing what I love and being myself.”


Who’s That Girl: Content Creator Denise Julia


The lessons that Juji has learned in her creative journey aren’t just effective for her on-cam life. She says: “Rejection is protection.” Like with any other field or career there is, Denise Julia Alberto knows what it’s like to hear the word “no.” But she takes these instances of rejection as “the universe telling me that there’s something better for me out there.”


No one knows what the future holds, and Juji is well aware of this. But if there's anything in this life worth doing, then it's worth giving it your all.


Find out more about Denise Julia Alberto by following her on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook.



Photos Denise Julia Alberto

Art Alexandra Lara


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