Get Inside: The Ruins & Ms. Gee With Issa Pressman & Milka Romero

Get Inside: The Ruins & Ms. Gee With Issa Pressman & Milka Romero

The two gals celebrated BIG at The Ruins and Ms. Gee



Birthdays may come and go every year, but their clockwork consistency doesn’t diminish their importance in any way whatsoever. Who says you only need to celebrate the milestone ages anyway? Every year is a reason to celebrate, we think.


Besides, who doesn’t love a good party? If it’s a night of fun, music, dancing, booze, style and familiar faces, count us in.


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Wonder babe Issa Pressman and restaurateur Milka Romero celebrated their birthdays last Saturday, June 1, at The Ruins and then at Ms. Gee. And as if that wasn’t enough for us to RSVP a shining shimmering YES, they lured us in further with promises of good food and a stellar DJ lineup:


They say three’s a crowd? Well, it only takes two babes to draw a too-full-even-for-Poblacion-standards gathering.


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Our night began at The Ruins, closed off for the Ms. Gee gals and their guests. At the entrance was a drawn red curtain that gave us a peek into what was happening inside—but the best part, of course, was seeing what lay behind it.


We got what we were promised and so much more as the night wore on. People littered around the space, creating their own dance floors and displaying unique moves to match. Dressed for the event and bellies ready for the food and (generous) drinks, everyone was ready to get down and party with the birthday girls. Hellos were exchanged, stories were swapped and let’s just say that the Iwata fans were a popular little prop.


The hours passed by, birthday cakes were blown out and it was time to move to Ms. Gee. Did we expect the girls to walk their guests the few meters in simplicity, with only conversation to fill the air? Of course not; there was a marching band to accompany us all. And when we got to the small go-to place that now houses that coveted corner spot in Poblacion, the street party was on.


We can talk about that night all day—the crowd, the vibe, the immensity of it all—but let’s get visual instead:



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May we be the nth people to utter a birthday greeting? Wishing you all the best that life has to offer (always), Issa and Milka! Keep making the most of life’s lemons.



Photography Tamia Reodica

Art Alexandra Lara


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