Industria: Catching up with Film Director Quark Henares

Industria: Catching up with Film Director Quark Henares

Say hello to the renaissance man of the digital age



Industria: Catching up with Film Director Quark Henares


It’s tricky business to get ahold of the seemingly elusive Quark Henares. He’d be in Manila one day, Balesin the next, Seoul a few days later and then, to cap off what could only be the definition of a whirlwind week, France for the Cannes Film Festival.


Given rigorous schedules like this, it appears Quark has figured out the formula to achieving work-life balance. And it helps, in part, that your day dream fits right in with your day job. “We’ve gone full tilt corporate now [laughs] and we have plenty of awesome stuff lined up. It started out with the Berlin International Film Festival earlier this year for Ang Panahon ng Halimaw (a Lav Diaz film produced by Globe Studios along with Epicmedia and sine olivia pilipinas). Next, we head to Cannes for another project,” shares Quark. “They’re the top two film festivals in the world and I’ve never been. I consider myself very lucky; it’s so awesome to be able to be a part of that. Globe Studios also has around five years coming out this year and maybe one series. It’s been a really good year professionally and I just got engaged, so yay, a lot of milestones in life, living and adulting. [Laughs]


2018 thus far has clearly been nothing short of interesting for the 37-year-old filmmaker. As a man of many hats: film writer, producer, columnist, DJ and of course, film and commercial director, “interesting” is to be expected. And Quark isn’t through. Today, he heads Globe Studios, the digital entertainment and video production leg of communications giant Globe Telecom.


Diving head-first into corporate—signing on with a telco, no less—was definitely not an easy feat. But challenging the status quo is not supposed to be anyway. “I had to go from a ‘let’s just do it!’ mindset to ‘okay, we have to build a case for this.’ [laughs] Corporate life doesn’t only involve a different way of speaking, but a completely different way of thinking,” he says, admitting that there was somewhat of a culture shock during the transition.


With his unique brand of wit, street smarts and charisma, that impressive figurative Rolodex of pop culture references in his head and an MBA under his belt, Quark knows how to play his cards right. He now gets to experience the best of both worlds: structure that still grants him permission to color outside the lines, a place where conceptual meets practical and a space where the arts work hand in hand with numbers.


Ahead, a peek into the mind of this creative infiltrating corporate, the-craft-meets-commerce fella, who is easily the renaissance man of the digital age.


Industria: Catching up with Film Director Quark Henares

Industria: Catching up with Film Director Quark Henares


Keep up with Quark Henares and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.



Photography Edrick Bruel

Art Alexandra Lara


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