A Wonder Special Series: daze

A Wonder Special Series: daze

Catching up with PARADISE RISING’s daze



True to her stage name, daze—whose full name is Daisy Ladrière—has the unique skill to lull you into a trance once she begins to sing. Her voice cuts through the easy instrumentals of her tracks. Hypnotizing. Soulful. Alluring. Whether you’ve been a follower of hers from her Soundcloud days or a newly minted stan coming from semilucent 2, there’s no doubt that her vocals leave you enchanted at first, second and nth listen. 


Her previous release, Lonely, served as an open letter to men who refuse to be vulnerable in relationships. She further explores the ins, outs and pains of romance in Situation, her track on semilucent 2. Daze sheds the bold persona from Lonely and embraces the longing that comes with being in a situationship. The smooth harmony of the beats and her vocals may have you floating on air, but her lyrics bear a kind of honesty we struggle to show.


But beyond expressing the emotions we often keep locked up, daze’s debut in PARADISE RISING is a product of her journey, her process. From what started as a childhood talent bloomed into a path of pursuing music full-time. Her practice came through double-hatting as a writer and producer as she wrote songs with beats found online. Now, from posting originals on Soundcloud to releasing her third official song and first music video, the 25-year old singer is still in awe with how far she has come.


A Wonder Special Series: daze


Ahead, learn more about the upcoming R&B singer and the newest member of the PARADISE RISING roster, daze.


Wonder: Did you always want to become a singer? What was the moment that pushed you to pursue music?


Daze: I’ve always loved singing from a young age. The karaoke [machine] was definitely my best friend for some time. But what pushed me to pursue music was the journey of songwriting and vocal production. Creating a track from scratch to a finished product is an awesome process, one that sparks some of the best conversations and self-reflection.


W: Can you describe what a productive writing day looks like for you?


D: A productive day of writing to me looks different every time. I’ve written many songs during my drives from Manila to Subic and in the gym. But overall, when I know that a song I’m working on is taking shape in the right direction, it’s one of the most fulfilling feelings.


W: What was your first reaction when you learned that you’re part of the lineup for PARADISE RISING’s semilucent 2?


D: I couldn’t believe it! It felt like a confirmation that I was on the right path in my life. It truly felt like a blessing.


W: You mentioned that Situation is about two people in a situationship. What emotion do you want the listener to feel when it plays?


D: When I was writing Situation, I was thinking about times in my life when I was in ‘almost’ relationships. There would be potential, but at the last minute it would be over. I would get ghosted or things wouldn’t work out. In time, I became more reserved and protective of myself. With Situation, I want to express how vulnerable someone can feel about falling in love. I want the listener to feel the passion and longing in the song.


A Wonder Special Series: daze


W: What’s an unforgettable memory from while you were working on Situation? 


D: My favorite memory was while I was on set during the music video. It was seeing the last scene with the candles for the first time. It was breathtaking. I felt so emotional thinking that my dream was finally happening. It was surreal.


W: Looking back at your first Soundcloud drop, Waterfall, to Situation, how has your sound and overall songwriting process evolved?


D: I think the biggest change has been being able to collaborate with producers and engineers. I used to write on many YouTube-type beats when I first started songwriting. As great as it was for practice, there’s nothing like working in collaboration with a producer who shares the same vision as you.


W: What’s the best thing about working with PARADISE RISING? How has the experience shaped the way you work?


D: Working with PARADISE RISING has been a dream. The whole experience has pushed me to continue fine-tuning my brand and music.


W: Is there any artist that you wish to collaborate with? There’s no limit, so feel free to name whoever you want!


D: There are so many to choose from, but if I had to pick, it’d probably be Summer Walker or SZA. They’re amazing artists who are paving the way for this generation’s female R&B artists.


W: Do you have any advice for young, aspiring singers who are still trying to figure out their sound and style?


D: Making music is a never-ending journey of self-discovery with peaks and valleys. Self-awareness is key to finding your own style and sound, but stay flexible and keep evolving. Enjoy the journey!


W: This is just the beginning for you. What else can we expect from daze in the future?


D: There are some exciting things on the way! I got a lot more music that I can’t wait for you all to hear—with maybe a few music videos, too. I am so excited for what’s to come!


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While her journey might have been years in the making, this is just the beginning for Daze. With a passion for the process and a voice uniquely hers, the world better watch out for her.


Stream “Situation” and the rest of the semilucent 2 tracks on Spotify.




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