10 Ways You Could Be A Bad Party Guest (And Not Know It)


March 25, 2017
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Beware these traits and habits



The art of hosting sure is not lost. The art of being a gracious party guest shouldn’t be either. When friends and family are willing to slave away in the kitchen or work up a mean menu, put together elaborate place settings or carefully select music playlists for the night, why take the fun out of the get-together by being a terrible person to host the whole shebang for?


When faced with this type of party pooper, gracious hosts (as they do) will paint a smile on, try to accommodate everybody and troubleshoot matters swiftly. But it’s only fair that guests of the party also play their part and straighten up to make things easier for their beloved host. It’s only fair, actually. It’s only proper.


What makes a bad party guest though? Ranging from slightly rude to absolutely unacceptable, check out these telltale signs of a bad party guest (who shouldn’t really wonder anymore if they aren’t invited to the next dinner party).


#1: When you show up emptyhanded.

A good party guest always brings a token for the host. A bottle of wine is always appreciated.




#2: When you know it’s a sit-down or intimate dinner and you surprise the host of the party with a plus-one.

A good party guest always asks the host in advance whether it’s okay to bring a date or a friend. Gatecrashing shows poor taste (no matter how close you are with the host).




#3: When you make negative comments about the food served to you.

A good party guest makes it a point to let the host know you appreciate what’s being served to you. If you aren’t a fan, keep negative feedback to yourself.




#4: When you’re rude to the waitstaff or the helpers at the host’s place.

Be it fellow guest, relative of the host or busboy, a good party guest maintains eye contact and communicates with respect.




#5: When you, in a pa-simple manner, ask for leftovers for you to take home in Tupperware.

A good host will always oblige. Some might even offer to pack up more food than you requested. But as a sign of respect, please refrain from taking home things like food, dessert or drinks like an uncivilized scavenger.




#6: When you help yourself to the liquor cabinet.

These are off-limits, so it’s best to stick to the selection made available on the drinks table. That’s one way to test the kindness and patience of a host who has acquired an appreciation for fine wine and spirits: to be gracious while faced with guests who chug the premium whiskey you were saving like it’s beer on tap at a frat party.




#7: When you hire a driver for the evening but do not offer to shoulder his meal or arrange for him to spend his dinner somewhere else.

Point-blank: a good party guest is considerate of others and will likely offer to pay for their driver’s meal. If not, they make it clear that he can go on break to grab dinner someplace else.


A bad party guest move? Bringing a driver into the home of the host of the party without letting them know. Worse, expecting the househelp to host the stay of the driver without letting the host know. Again, any gracious host wouldn’t mind at all extending their hospitality to others. They just need to be made aware in advance. And good party guests ask. They don’t impose.




#8: When you confirm your attendance, but cancel at the last minute…or worse, just don’t show up at all.

No one likes a flaker. At least take the time to explain to the host why you won’t be able to make it. Valid easons only, please, and call…don’t text. A good party guest wouldn’t mind going the extra mile either. Sending over flowers or a gift basket within the next three days shows you regret missing the event, but remain grateful for the invite and that you value your relationship with the host.




#9: When you show up but don’t socialize.

A good party guest makes it a point to work the room and engage with the other guests. You don’t go to a party to carry on in a little bubble or worse, expect the host to dedicate their time to entertain you and just you.




#10: When you cap off the night a drunken wreck.

A good party guest does not overindulge in alcohol and definitely does not give the host the added task of babysitting someone with no grasp of their alcohol tolerance.




Sidestep these party guest blunders, stat!



Art Alexandra Lara

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