Here’s What Creativity Looks Like After Hours

Here’s What Creativity Looks Like After Hours

Creativity doesn't stop after work—it's an ongoing process



As someone who’s worked in both the corporate realm and the world of creatives, there’s one thing I learned: creativity doesn’t stop even after I’ve clocked out for the day. Instead, it’s an ongoing process. Of course, reinvention happens after hours, too, and it doesn’t only involve the creations I make for work. I still find new inspiration that I can incorporate with my style, talents and ideas—even on the go.


The best way to do all this is with a digital sidekick. Right now, the #Xiaomi11Lite5GNE is the perfect fit for around-the-clock creativity. So let me tell you what creativity after hours looks like with the help of Xiaomi’s newest phone.


Here's What Creativity Looks Like After Hours


Being on the lookout

Inspiration is everywhere. As the worldwide web dictates what’s in and what’s not, my timelines, newsfeeds and For You Pages double as de-stressors and primary sources of pegs, prompts and more. That’s why I stay on the lookout for recurring trends—because we never run out of overnight sensations and viral stars. Call it second nature, but it's an instinct I’ve developed as I continue to build my style. The Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE’s screen has 6.55 inches of AMOLED display, which helps me spot the emerging trends I can try out and add to my usual creations, the 90 Hz refresh rate allows me to view details clearly, and the 240 Hz sensitive touch feedback lets me pick and fine tune any content in a snap. 


Trial and error

After collecting ideas, the usual thing I do is narrow them down to find the best fit for my authentic personality. That’s just the way it is; different strokes for different folks. This time I ask, “Does it make me feel comfortable?” and “Who’d be interested to see that kind of content?” and “Does it bring out my real self?” If the idea checks all the boxes, then it stays. The Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE’s 4250mAh gives up to 16 hours of video playback, letting me choose, collect and trim ideas all day long.


Practice, practice and more practice

Now that I’ve figured out what works best, it’s time to get the ball rolling through practice. Sharpening my skills lets me execute my ideas the way I want them to be, which requires more time and care. Filming and editing photos and videos and writing prompts on my notes app while on the go—all these are made possible with the Xiaomi Lite 5G NE. Its featherweight and slim design make it handy, which will let it fit in any pocket or bag, and it boasts the capacity to ride with 5G speed to keep me connected 24/7. Plus, the camera comes with three lenses: the primary camera with 64 MP, an ultra-wide camera with eight MP and a telemacro camera with five MP. All three working together or on their own give sharp and clean photos.


Creativity in action



Watch how creativity is always in action with the #LiteMeUp Online Series hosted by Gabbi Garcia. Four aspiring creatives find and refine their style in fashion, beauty and grooming, content creation and photography—all with the help of the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE. During their journey, a #LiteStyleExpert guides them on how to show their true selves better.


In the first episode, celebrity stylist Maita Baello shows them the ropes in fashion and styling. Members of the #LiteCrew choose outfits that best reflect their personalities and enhance their best and favorite features. But the journey doesn't stop there! The rest of the episodes explore camera-ready beauty and grooming with makeup artist Mark Cua, creating engaging content with host and social media expert Gabbi Garcia and snapping sharp pics with photographer Rxandy Capinpin.  


Who knows, maybe we could all learn a thing or two from these #LiteStyleExperts, so we can start our own paths to #OwnYourStyle.



Stay tuned for the upcoming #LiteMeUp episodes on Xiaomi Philippines’ Facebook page and YouTube channel. The last episode drops at 7 pm on December 16. Shop the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE through the official Xiaomi website.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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