Real Good Finger Food: Pulutan Recipes That Go Best With Drinks

Real Good Finger Food: Pulutan Recipes That Go Best With Drinks

Tasty sidekicks for solo drinking sessions and intimate gatherings



There’s no love affair like alcohol and some good ‘ol pulutan. Whether we need finger food to tide us over through the flurry of drinks or some snacks to satisfy our cravings, these are dishes that cannot be absent during cocktails and parties. There’s always this need to have food to keep ourselves steady through long nights. Sometimes, even to the point that these dishes went from party sidekick to the main event (read: sisig and Pinoy-style barbecue).


In my case, I really cannot last a long night without some greasy munchies, lest I want to feel terrible the morning after. After all, there are just some nights where regular chips, nachos or the tried-and-tested mixed nuts don’t cut it, right?


Here to answer our woes is Lunch Boxer PH, with great recipes to pair with alcohol or serve as the main character during mealtime. Plus, many of the ingredients needed are already present in your pantry—this means less shopping and more time to go bottoms up.


Ahead are pulutan recipes that go great with alcohol, whether you’re prepping for a solo drinking sesh or an intimate get-together.


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Nacho Fries

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One can’t go wrong with nachos. But take a step further by replacing the chips with fries for a slightly heavier carb combo. There’s no limit to how much cheese and salsa you can add, so top your fries generously for the best experience.


Deconstructed Dynamite

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If the drink collection at the party involves stronger liquor than your staple beers, it’s best to pair it with a dish with a mighty kick. Lunchboxer adds an unusual spin to our well-loved dynamite cheese sticks by deconstructing them. Trade the lumpia wrapper for egg wash and breadcrumbs, and add your meat of choice for that crispy and filling finish.


Ginataang Bopis

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There’s nothing like going all out and trying your hand in cooking a classic pulutan. If you’re a master in the kitchen, maybe it’s time to try whipping up some Bopis with a twist. Add some coconut milk. This is sure to leave your mouth watering.


Lechon Kawali

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Pairing beer with crispy skin and tender meat dipped in sweet sarsa? Sign. Us. Up. This classic Filipino dish needs some patience and practice, but once done right, you might just be the superstar of cocktail parties and inumans.


Meatloaf Sisig

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Stay tuned ‘til the end for this one-of-a-kind pulutan! Admittedly, sisig is one Filipino dish that’s tedious to do. But with cooking, the sky is the limit, and we can still replicate this iconic pulutan with alternatives. Take notes from Lunch Boxer PH, who replaces pork with diced meatloaf. It’s an unconventional move, but is one that makes this snack worth serving even over drinks.



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If you’ve got guests who aren’t into booze, let us direct you to these mocktail recipes for PG-13 drinks. Go forth and have the night of your life with these easy, breezy and tasty pulutan dishes! Cheers!



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