Up Your Game By Copping Razer’s Brand New Accessories

Up Your Game By Copping Razer’s Brand New Accessories

The best gameplays include a fully immersive experience—something that Razer recognizes



Everyone knows that the best gaming experience requires most of our senses, aided by top-tier accessories designed by winners for winners. Gamers look for top-grade screens to help them spot enemies and treasure boxes hidden in plain sight. They need fast processors and high-powered devices for a smooth game well-played. Other accessories, such as handheld controllers, mouses and keyboards, need to register commands faster, lest they want to get left behind. And finally, how can we forget the need for high-quality headphones and a microphone? The best gameplays include a fully immersive experience—something that Razer recognizes.


The leading tech brand knows the need for high-performing devices and premium accessories. So for 2022, Razer released new versions of well-loved gaming accessories. Aside from leveling up the gaming experience, Razer’s latest tech gear makes everyday life an immersive experience. Ahead, we list their latest releases best for work and play—all for your consideration.


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Meet The Barracudas

Razer just introduced their all-in-one hybrid gaming and lifestyle headset series, the Barracuda Family. Designed for high-performance gaming and seamless connectivity for life, AFK, the Barracuda Pro, Barracuda and Barracuda X bring forth superior specs for everyday use. The headsets use Razer’s signature SmartSwitch, THX AAA and THX Spatial Audio software.



The Barracuda Pro (P15,945) boasts hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC) technology, providing an uninterrupted audio experience. This works best for those who require extreme focus during games and those who champion premium audio quality while going out and about in public. Plus, this headset can connect to two devices simultaneously, providing easy switching between devices. Finally, the noise-canceling microphones promise to deliver clear audio for optimum audio pick-up, from calling out commands or joining meetings fuss-free.



Meanwhile, the Razer Barracuda (P9,995) carries the brand’s TriForce Titanium 50mm drivers and THX Spatial Audio to produce detailed and high-quality sound. Plus, its FlowKnit Memory foam headband and earcup padding allow for long wear without any discomfort. The Razer Barracuda also uses the SmartSwitch Dual Wireless connectivity for seamless device shifting and noise-canceling microphones to complete the versatile wireless headset. Get up to 40 hours of use on a single battery charge, so you can play and listen for as long as you want.



Lastly, the reinvented Barracuda X (P 5, 995) proves to be the best for everyday use. Through Razer’s SmartSwitch  Dual Wireless, the device gets full Bluetooth support. It also comes with a detachable HyperClear Cardioid microphone, Razer’s signature 40mm TriForce Drivers and support for 7.1 surround sound. But the best thing about it? This headset offers up to 50 hours of use after one round of charging. These make the Barracuda X one of the best contenders for clear-cut audio and feedback for games and lifestyle experiences.


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Handheld Console Gaming


Razer also released the Kishi V2 Android (P 5,999), with a version for iPhone slated to drop later this year. The reimagined mobile accessory brings console-level ease to mobile gaming. Drawing inspiration from Razer’s award-winning Wolverine V2 controllers, the Kishi V2 features high-quality inputs and tactile controls—dual multifunction buttons included. The handheld accessory also comes with a Share Button that allows users to capture the perfect still or gameplay recording to show off to their friends.


The brand new Razer Nexus app powers the Kishi V2, offering the best flexibility for a handheld accessory. With immediate access to games, YouTube and Facebook streaming, game discovery and settings, the Razer Nexus app provides an all-in-one control hub.


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What are you waiting for? Take your gaming experience to the next level with Razer.



Shop Razer accessories online via, Shopee, Lazada or in-store through authorized sellers.



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