The Starfleet Special: Trekkies, Here’s A Drinking Experience You Shouldn’t Miss

The Starfleet Special: Trekkies, Here’s A Drinking Experience You Shouldn’t Miss

Aboard MOSPHIL by RRR, enjoy The Starfleet Special, a masterfully crafted, limited-run cocktail menu inspired by the franchise



There’s never been a better time to be a cocktail lover than now. With one-of-a-kind drinking events across the city—from a world-famous distillery tour to an unforgettable on-the-road experience—there are certainly festive ways to celebrate the holiday season.


Whether you’re planning an intimate get-together with the barkada or a fun-filled holidate with your SO, let MOSPHIL by RRR—a plane by day and a bar by night—take you on an experience unlike any other. In partnership with Paramount Network, indulge your Trekkie hearts with The Starfleet Special. The limited-run cocktail menu is inspired by Star Trek: Discovery, kicking off their season four premiere this November.


From November 25 to December 18, 2022, enjoy four masterfully crafted, spirit-forward cocktails by the team behind MOSPHIL by RRR (spearheaded by a Trekkie himself), made for those with the courage and curiosity to explore the great unknown.


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Take your pick from bespoke cocktails made capturing the spirit of innovation and diversity present in the series through the feel and the flavor.


The Vulcan Martini


Description: Spirit forward, silky texture with dry finish

Made with: Vodka, dry vermouth, pernod, blue olive oil


Spore Drive


Description: Full bodied, fruity with a hint of citrus

Made with: Gin, egg white, passionfruit syrup, lemon juice, blue curacao and grenadine garnish


Emerald Chain


Description: Light and refreshing with hints of citrus

Made with: Gin, midori, kiwi syrup, lemon, egg white, cucumber peel, kiwi boba


Dilithium Burn


Description: Alcohol forward, smokey, a touch of spice

Made with: Bourbon, midori, peach liqueur, lemon juice, peach halves, dashes bitters,  jalapeño, burnt rosemary



Don’t miss out on The Starfleet Special, available until the 18th of December. New episodes of Star Trek: Discovery are available every Wednesday to Friday, 8PM (Cignal TV Ch 52).




Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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