Werk Yo Mind: 5 Games Like Wordle You Can Play

Werk Yo Mind: 5 Games Like Wordle You Can Play

Get your brain working with these puzzle games



Over the past few days, many of us saw an abundance of green and yellow box emojis on our Twitter timelines. It turns out these are player stats for an online puzzle game called Wordle—the world’s new favorite fixation. Described as a “daily word game,” Wordle makes users guess a five-letter word every day. Each player keys in any word, and then the system will reveal which letters appear in the correct word. A green letter means it’s in the word and has the right placement. Meanwhile, a yellow tile suggests that the letter is in it, but the order is off. The player then has five more tries—maximum—to guess the word.



To be fair, Wordle’s a great way to start one’s morning, cap off the night or act as a sanity break. Putting your focus on one task makes you forget any looming chores or deadlines, even for a bit. While I can’t compare everyone’s interest in this brain exercise with the rise of emotional support video games, Wordle’s one-word-a-day policy has us antsy for more. Some change the times in their devices to get a head start on the following words, while others patiently wait for the next day to solve it again. The bottom line, though, many of us are still looking to work our brains after one round.


Up ahead, we list down brain games and puzzles you can try once you’ve guessed Worldle’s the word of the day. The best thing? All you need is an Internet browser or cellphone. If you want recos for other devices, though, we’ve got you covered.


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Saltong Puzzle Game

Meet the Filipino version of Wordle. Players have six tries to guess the word of the day. A green tile means the correct letter and placement, while yellow means the correct letter and wrong placement. It can be challenging or easy, depending on which language you’re more comfortable with. But this game offers more options once you’ve maxed out your five-letter word for the day. Guess a four-letter word on Saltong Mini or go hard by guessing the seven-letter word of the day with Saltong Max.


Play Saltong with any browser.



Called Evil Wordle, Absurdle works like the original game. The catch? It will actively avoid giving you hints until you guess the word correctly. Unfortunately, even the random guess words will draw blanks, so you’re up for a bigger challenge with this game. But at least Absurdle lets you off easy because players get unlimited tries. 


Play Absurdle with any browser.



SpellTower mixes your Word Search games with Tetris. The main objective is to clear out the tiles on the screen by completing different words. You can go in different directions—as long as you enter an actual word.


Get SpellTower via the App Store or Google Play.



Cheesy backgrounds aside, Wordscapes may be an oldie, but it’s a goodie. It's a puzzle classic. All you need to do on Wordscapes is guess all the words found in the blocks using the letters in your rotation. 


Download Wordscapes on the App Store or Google Play.


Brain Out

Brain Out will test your logical thinking and abstract thinking skills, most especially if you're more of a visual person. You know, minus the weird diagrams in IQ Tests. Filled with mind tricks and different challenging puzzles, Brain Out will have you thinking outside of the box. The puzzles are often not what they seem, proving to be one entertaining game.


Download Brain Out on the App Store or Google Play.


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Got any other puzzle games that take up your time? Let us know in the comments below! Meanwhile, if you’ve been meaning to cut down on your screen time, let these interesting apps help you get started.



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