All of the Noise 2018: Here Are the Acts We Can’t Wait to See

All of the Noise 2018: Here Are the Acts We Can’t Wait to See

Local meets international in this one-of-a-kind lineup



We know a good lineup when we see one, so you can trust us when we say All of the Noise, a music festival-meets-concert-meets-epic year-ender is delivering. Consider it a one time-big time nightcap—fantastic music to cap off a whirlwind of a year.


Proving all good things come in twos, All of the Noise is happening across two days this year: November 25 and 26. Set to take place at Century City Makati, each day promises a distinct experience: a different lineup of local acts, a different set foreign artists from all across Asia and beyond, different feelings that are sure to thrum through us in waves.


Up ahead, we get you even more psyched for things to come. Keep reading to discover the acts we can’t wait to see at All of the Noise this year!


Day One


If you haven’t heard of Taiwanese band Elephant Gym, please do yourself a favor and play the first video above. With atypical rhythm and complex sound as a staple to their sound, Elephant Gym’s body of work is generally classified as math rock. Yeah, like the subject. Just like the equations that kept us buckled down in our seats (albeit against our will) back in high school, their indie sound keeps listeners guessing.


On the flip side, we’ve got our sights set on the local lineup, too. While familiar names like OPM youngbloods-turned-mainstays IV of Spades and the ever sultry Jason Dhakal top our list of preemptive faves, Ben&Ben, Buwanbuwan Collective and Tide/Edit, among others, are also well worth our excitement.


Day Two


Guitar-wielding, metal-mouthed Phum Viphurit might be the closest thing we have to sunshine turned tangible. His voice packs heft, but his songs are refreshing like a glass of water on a warm day.


What else can you expect from the rest of the foreign acts flying in for day two? A one-two punch of nostalgia, of course. Expect nothing less from Norwegian indie pop-rock artist, boy pablo, and Bangkok-based all-gal band Yellow Fang.


All of the Noise’s second day doesn’t scrimp on the local talent, either. Rock band Sandwich, a staple in the Filipino alt rock scene, will be gracing the stage alongside some younger, yet equally exciting homegrown acts: Mellow Fellow, Ang Bandang Shirley and She's Only Sixteen, among others.


See the full artist line-up and find out more about All of the Noise 2018 by checking out the official event page.



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