Why You Need To Give David Archuleta Another Listen

Why You Need To Give David Archuleta Another Listen

The pop star is back with new music, words of wisdom and a couple of new friends



More than ten years ago, David Archuleta began his career on American Idol. He was the young one of their season, very loudly screamed pop and sported a baby face that we ogled at—even in elementary/high school. He was endearing, his voice easy to listen to and his performances were pretty brilliant. But that was ten years ago and his presence has arguably lessened since.


But he’s back in the Philippines this year—for the 6th, 7th or 8th time; even he can’t remember anymore—with a benefit concert filled with new music and new friends.


Why You Need To Give David Archuleta Another Listen


Earlier this month, David released his second Christmas album entitled Winter In The Air. Well, what do we know about winter right? We only experience hot, really hot, wet and really wet (unless we head out of the country). But if there’s one thing Filipinos know how to celebrate, it’s Christmas. As the overplayed joke goes, Christmas begins on September 1 and ends sometime in February. So it’s only fitting that David shares his new music—including some original Christmas songs—with his Pinoy fans.


But it’s not just any old concert from an artist we began listening to in our childhoods (Is it really another crush?), it’s a benefit concert for a good cause. Proceeds from the night will go straight to Mabuhay Desert, a foundation that aims (and succeeds) to give medical attention to those that cannot afford it. Last year, they provided some 5,500 surgeries to those with cataracts, crossed eyes, cleft lips, cleft palates, burn contractures, polio and club feet.


Why You Need To Give David Archuleta Another Listen


There might be skepticism, of course, as there is every time an artist teams up with a foundation. A PR stunt? A way to sell tickets? Not really; at least for David.


When asked why he partnered with a foundation, he explained himself in a way we can all relate to. When the fame came, he first felt like he had to keep up this persona; he wanted everyone to like him—understandably. But when a break came and he took it to help an organization, he found it was okay to be himself. He didn’t have to pretend with the kids he helped and the families he met. He was just him and they loved and appreciated him for it.


When he came back on stage, he started to revert back to that all-smiles performer, but it never felt right anymore. He couldn’t mask the parts of himself he used to.


And if you have that, if you found the road that lead you to the better version of yourself, why would you stray away?



On November 16, 2018, David Archuleta will be joined on stage by JBK, Mikee Misalucha and Anton Antenorcruz. Get your tickets, listen to great music and help a great cause.



Art Alexandra Lara

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