Queens to Watch Out for in Drag Race UK vs the World Season 2

Queens to Watch Out for in Drag Race UK vs the World Season 2

11 queens from international drag race franchises are standing before us. Who will face the chop or come up on top?



If there’s anything that the first few episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK vs the World Season 2 have shown us, it’s that there’s so much to look forward to. Not only is the cast star-studded but the competition is fierce! This season, 11 queens from international drag race franchises are fighting for the title of “Queen of the Mothertucking World.” There are higher stakes this time around though, as they’re not only battling it out for the crown but also a cash prize of EUR50,000—which is around P3 million, by the way!



From the queens’ creative runway looks to their talent show antics, there’s no doubt that this line-up is an immensely powerful and talented one. Personally, I had already become attached to the cast by the first episode, and it’s heartbreaking to see the queens sashay away one by one. But alas, Drag Race is a competition, and only the best one will win. Here are some of the queens who in my opinion we should watch out for in this season of Drag Race UK vs the World!


Marina Summers



Marina Summers may have been crowned as Drag Race Philippines Season 1 runner-up, but who knew that that was just the start of her journey to stardom? Our very own Filipina winnah made history as the first queen from the Philippines to ever set foot on the Drag Race UK vs the World stage. Plus she has it all; she’s a powerhouse performer and an all-rounder who can sing, dance and serve looks. All in all, Marina Summers is coming for the win and is ready to “give these colonizers the chop!” Pinoy pride, indeed. 


La Grande Dame


La Grande Dame (LGD) may have initially stood out due to her towering height, but she’s proof that there’s more to what meets the eye—literally. Representing France, LGD is giving the girls a run for their money as she serves “French fashion and stupidity” (her words, not mine!). From her spectacular and avant-garde runway fits, which showcase her passion for fashion as well as her crazy and show-stopping antics, LGD is a beautiful queen who will make your jaw drop and is a gem you’ll surely never forget!


Scarlet Envy


Next up, we have the drama herself from the United States of America: Scarlet Envy! Aside from her gorgeous old Hollywood-inspired looks, she’s a talented and charismatic queen who gives off main character energy. The girl can sew and act out her heart, too, putting her at an advantage in some Drag Race challenges. What’s more, she’s unapologetically herself and is fun to watch both in and out of drag. Scarlet Envy is a star, and I can’t wait to see her shine even more!


Tia Kofi


One of the glamazons representing the United Kingdom, Tia Kofi is a queen you’ll find yourself rooting for due to her stellar and genuine personality. She’s had a major glow-up ever since her stint in Drag Race UK Season 2, evident in her upgraded fits and improved confidence when strutting down the runway. She’s also a hilarious queen who’ll bring a smile to your face—may it be through her runways or confessionals. She’s already won our hearts so let’s just wait and see if she wins the competition, too.


Which Drag Race UK vs the World: Season 2 queen are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments below!



Words MJ Viernes

Art Macky Arquilla

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