Celebrate Filipino-American History Month with a Radio Episode of The Chosen Dozen


October 26, 2022
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Music unites everyone together, including Filipinos



The commemoration of Filipino American History Month (FAHM) every October is a significant time for Filipino Americans (Fil-Am). During this time of the year, the community comes together to honor the community’s accomplishments, history, pursuits and legacies in the United States of America (USA). In solidarity with the Filipino diaspora, it’s high time we celebrate this important month with them. After all, our bond is deeper than the distance between us.


Globally, we are known for our love and talent for music. Music has always been a part of our culture, from our karaoke sessions at family reunions to renowned global talents such as Lea Salonga and Ylona Garcia. So given that we’re well into FAHM, why don’t we celebrate it by playing some good tunes? Let Beat This Philippines be your newest friend for some much-needed grooving. After all, Beat This Philippines pays tribute to Fil-Am artists in their latest episode of The Chosen Dozen, where they follow established Filipino acts across the globe.



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The Chosen Dozen is more than just a weekly radio show. The show got its name for highlighting twelve songs from up-and-coming and established Filipino acts across the globe. The humble beginning of this show started  in 2020 when Beat This gained a huge following within the Global Filipino Music community from The Chosen Dozen Spotify playlist. To take it to the next level, they transformed the show into a radio format of the popular playlist.


We need to give credit where it is due, because Beat This has brought Filipinos to the global stage with pride! Through their platform, they provide a great online hub for artists to embrace and connect their culture. They have changed the game for Filipino music by championing our own sound through various formats ranging from their podcasts, blogs and more. On a business level, they have developed a new venture of scouting and managing Filipino artists from around the globe, helping them secure record deals and reach more listeners.



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Just in time for Filipino-American history month, the radio show has aired its 27th episode featuring Fil-Am artists. More than where these musicians come from, it shows that music can lead us to discover our roots once more. So make the best of your listening pleasure by visiting it on their official radio stream.


Stay tuned to The Chosen Dozen for more exciting releases and exciting features with Beat This artists. 🎵



Words Moira Luga

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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