Fresh Local Queer Artists To Follow

Fresh Local Queer Artists To Follow

Upping that pride and independence for the month of June!



There’s a lot of talent out there if you look hard enough; a lot of different voices that are worth listening to and points of view to explore. Age doesn’t matter anymore and neither does gender nor nationality. But because June is the month of Pride & Independence, we’re marrying the two to give you fresh local queer artists to follow on social media—for entertainment, for appreciation, for a little break from the standard content. 


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Animator and storybook illustrator 



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At 21 years old, the incredibly talented Sai (whose @ is an endearing pandesaii) does portrait illustrations in a unique and brightly-colored style that somehow still leaves them recognizable. Her recent series was in partnership with Netflix, where they highlighted LGBTQIA+ characters, including Robin from Stranger Things, Mae Martin from Feel Good, the cast of Queer Eye, Ellie and Aster from The Half Of It and Ola from Sex Education


Sai welcomes us all to appreciate what she puts out there and she has but one rule: no reposting!


Jorem Biadoma 

Fashion Designer



With a preference to keep his color palette on the neutrals of black and/or white, Jorem shines in geometrically manipulating fabrics to create his pieces. The effect is often dramatic yet easy on the eyes, complicated and yet muted at the same time.


You can check out more of his work on his art and design portfolio here. Trust is, you’ll want to do a deep scroll.


Hanseu Alcantara

Watercolor Artist



Unless you’ve actually and seriously tried out watercolor before, you have no idea the level of patience and skill it really takes to make an actual image appear out of those blobs of colored water. Do I sound bitter? Sue me—that was a high school summer wasted. 


But that frustration is not evident in the pieces of work that Hanseu shares once in a while on social media—far from it. I’m not familiar with the subjects he’s showcased recently, but I like that air of mystery. His attention to detail, especially in a medium that goes against the very understanding of detail is nothing short of amazing.

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Yrvin Kim




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Yrvin’s twitter bio reads: “21. i used to be a teenage dirtbag, now i'm just a dirtbag. they/them ?????”—And I am all for that song reference. On Instagram, their bio says, “kahihiyan atbp.”—and I am questioning why I am never this witty? Anyway, at least I can still appreciate their craft.  


Their art falls on the more anime/comic side, with one dominant color per piece of work. What we’re left with is a dream-like illustration that is honestly sometimes a little intimidating. 


Makie Cruz 




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There are those that build words on paper and then there are those that—quite literally—show us the world through a different lens. Once such creative is photographer Makie Cruz. 


Sometimes messy-yet-intentional and sometimes clean-and-in-black-and-white, always with a story and always making a statement, Makie’s portfolio hits corners anyone would be proud to have conquered. 



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Like we said, talent is everywhere if you want to dig deep enough to find it. Age, sexual identification and nationality don't matter—ever. And while we have you, remember that talent is not about the follower count (or the lack thereof); just sayin'.



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