With A Bang: G22 Is Just Getting Started On Their Way to the Top

With A Bang: G22 Is Just Getting Started On Their Way to the Top

Meet G22, this generation’s rising female alphas



It’s no secret that this generation is highly empowered—they know what they want and get things done. Equity is championed more than ever, as today’s youth advocate that opportunities be available to anyone from all walks of life. However, pulling each other down is definitely overlooked because if one rises, everyone else should be allowed to follow suit. That’s what P-pop girl group G22 aims to speak on through their music, regardless of gender, age and tenure in the industry. Made up of AJ, Alfea, Jaz and Bianca, G22 stands as this generation’s rising female alphas here to bolster everyone to give it their all.


In February 2022, the girls landed a strong debut with Bang. The high-octane single perfectly introduces the quartet as forces to be reckoned with, with addictive harmonies and fierce vocalizations that send a burst of energy through every listener. Whether it’s the sultry Babalik or the explosive Boomerang, G22 continues to make a name for themselves in the P-pop industry while spreading the message of relentless drive. Since then, they’ve continued to release hypnotic tracks and expand their fanbase called Bullets.



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A little over a year since their debut, G22 finds themselves at another milestone: landing a spot as one of the 12 acts in Spotify’s RADAR Philippines. The news literally sent the girls jumping up and down with glee, especially at the prospect of reaching more people with their music. The girls draw from their own experiences as Spotify users, where the platform’s suggested playlists lead them to new music to play. “It’s an honor to be part of RADAR Philippines, knowing na part kami ng new artists na madi-discover ng madaming tao (To be part of RADAR Philippines is knowing that we’re one of the new artists others will discover),” emphasizes AJ. For Bianca, this also helps them share their advocacies with whoever is willing to lend an ear.


Of course, all the struggles of training have led to this moment. But continuing to perform as a P-pop group has its separate highs and lows. Nonetheless, AJ keeps it positive and zeroes in on their highs, which come from learning and mingling with their fellow P-pop acts. “Isa sa mga highs namin would be yung learning experience,” she shares in an interview with Wonder.  “And the knowledge we gained along the way, especially from our fellow P-pop artists.” They seize the opportunity to learn more when they gather with other groups, and the honor of growing is enough for them to acknowledge its weight.



But to the naked eye, at least in the realm of P-pop, there still exist misconceptions about P-pop and girl groups. For G22, they hope to rid the notion that groups tend to have any tension among each other. Alfea shares, “We work together to uplift the Philippines.” To this question, Bianca quotes their song Boomerang and the rest of the members harmonize to sing, “This is not a competition but a revolution!” 


Meanwhile, AJ emphasizes that the diversity of P-pop groups, headed by girls in particular, offer a lot of things to the table. This follows their advocacy of strong female alphas, all with different identities that make them unique. For Jaz, unique female alphas also embrace their vulnerabilities. “We want our audience to know that yes, we share that message to empower them and to keep them strong,” she starts. “But we also need to embrace that [other] side—and it's okay to be sensitive sometimes, to listen to music and to feel the emotion you're feeling.”



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Despite clocking in a little over a year of experience, the girls of G22 have set their sights on more: music, inspired listeners, stellar stages and amazing collaborations. Along the way, they want to uplift P-pop and Original Pilipino Music, elevating all aspects of the industry on the world stage. Nonetheless, G22 hopes to go down in history for its music, story and individual backgrounds. And with their passionate and earnest drive to keep going, there’s no doubt they’ll hit all these and more when the time comes.



Keep tabs on G22 by following their official Facebook, InstagramTikTok and YouTube accounts. Tap and tune in to more OPM artists when you give Spotify’s RADAR Philippines playlist a spin.



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