This Instagram Account Transports You Back to Y2K-Era Philippines

This Instagram Account Transports You Back to Y2K-Era Philippines

Did someone order a throwback?



One of the best things Instagram birthed is the abundance of moodboards ready for us to scroll through to our heart’s content. Whether you need more inspo for your WFH outfits or an account for relatable memes, you can find it there. There’s just something so satisfying about seeing what we like, perfectly curated and in harmony all in one grid.


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Part of the renaissance of trends is the rise of Instagram moodboards dedicated to a certain era. We can now turn to any account just to get some semblance of nostalgia while we scroll along, maybe even gain some styling inspo along the way. Some of us even instantly like the images coming from Velvet Coke when they appear on our IG feeds. Call it a little pocket of the past on the Internet. 


Now that Bennifer, low-rise jeans and baguette bags are making a comeback, there’s a need for us to turn to Y2K archives to get inspo. 2000s Anxiety, the younger counterpart of its 90s version, has racked a huge following and cemented itself as one of the prime moodboards of that decade.


Though there’s this one account that digs through the 2000s archives from a Filipino lens. It’s filled with memories from the Claudine-Rico Yan phase, clips of pre-2NE1 Sandara Park and the effects of the cult following of the Sex Bomb Girls. We’re reminded of the less strict restrictions on TV, magazines and ads, that’s why we’ve seen some pretty suggestive content while growing up.


Enter: @y2kpilipinas. 



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Y2K Pilipinas transports us back to the days when we were stuck watching whatever was on TV, when we come home from school and were saving up our allowances for the newest issue of our favorite local magazine. The artistas and our idols from long ago are the faces of nostalgia and fashion inspiration. It’s riddled with blasts from the past: commercials that suddenly trigger memories from the good old days and kitschy notebook covers we loved collecting. 


There’s nothing like a good throwback than spotting the childhood love teams we loved so much and the cover girls and it-girls of the 2000s, like Angel Locsin and Anne Curtis. Not to mention we’re seeing photos of the TV shows and films of our past such as Majika (2006) and First Day High (2006). 



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A post shared by Y2K PILIPINAS ? (@y2kpilipinas)


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Looking at this account is a lot like scrolling through tagged photos on Facebook or digging through your age-old Friendster profile. It’s a part of the past that will make you chuckle at first glance. But when you look at it longer, Y2K Pilipinas give off a vibe that we can only ask for in the present. One that has a certain kind of peace and simplicity, you know? It’ll have us marveling at how long it’s been since those days.


Need another push to get into the Y2K mood? Here’s the ultimate OPM Karaoke playlist filled with the classics, best for your solo singing sessions.



Featured Images Y2K Pilipinas

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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