TikTok’s Coconut Girl Aesthetic is Inspired by Aquamarine (Yes, the 2006 Film)


June 2, 2021
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A “Coconut Girl” style guide, but also an Aquamarine movie retrospective

They say trends are a circle, and TikTok’s latest fixation is solid proof.

Suddenly, it’s 2006 again: everyone is decked out in pastel colored baby tees and accessories from Claire’s. Hibiscus prints, maxi dresses and thick-strapped halter tops are all the rage. Aquamarine just came out, and all everybody wants to be is a blonde mermaid with a pair of talking starfish earrings. But alas, the closest we’ll ever get is the Coconut Girl.

@hiitskait222#greenscreen IM OBSESSEDDDDD ?????? #coconutgirl #keywestkitten #y2ksummer #y2k #hawaii #florida #lanadelrey #SkipTheRinse #aquamarine

? television heaven lana del rey – ghost girl

Social media has long been a stomping ground for looks. It’s the laboratory in which all vibes ebb and flow. Like Tumblr gave us the quintessential Tumblr girl and Twitter laid the foundations for the e-girl, TikTok has birthed legions of new “core” aesthetics. 

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The Coconut Girl, while admired for a look reminiscent of our tween years, is more than just a poster child for nostalgia. In (the rest of) the world’s first summer post-vax, she’s the encapsulation of all the things we’ve missed out on since the pandemic put our lives to an abrupt halt. We’ve been locked up for so long, dressed down in sweats and leggings, that the only logical thing to do seems to be tucking flowers behind our ears and flocking to the beach, lest we forget what it feels like to have sand between our toes.

And while the Philippines might not have had the “shot girl summer” opportunity this year, we cling to the Coconut Girl aesthetic as the next best thing. If we can’t actually live out that summer state of mind, we can at least dress like it.

Residing in the summery in-between of a surfer and a mermaid, the Coconut Girl is the ultimate symbol of that picture-perfect, by-the-beach lifestyle. Crop tops! Wrap skirts! Soft pastels! Punchy brights! Shell earrings and all-crocheted everything! 

In case you want some visual reference, consider re-watching Holiday in the Sun, Zoey 101 or Blue Crush. Or Aquamarine, obviously, to learn how to make a shoulder-baring summer dress out of a sweatshirt.

NEON ISLAND x ZALORA Sicily Halter Neck Asymmetrical Dress, P2,299

GOOD TIMES Isla Skort, P2,400

PÁRE MÁRE Asímetriya Top, P995

LITTOL BEAD Blossom Handmade Necklace, P280

TALOULOU Natalia Ivory Scarf, from P1,495

POMELO Flower Drop Earrings, P399

POMELO Eyelet Tie Front Crop Top, P1,149

ZARA High-Waisted Printed Trousers, P2,495

ZARA Floral Print Dress, P2,295

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The Coconut Girl moment also opens up the perfect opportunity to support local crochet artists and independent clothes makers on Instagram. Some open limited slots on a pre-order basis, while others release regular collections every few months. Some of our favorites include Xel’s Day Out, Kinda Vintage and Ilyang Ilyang.

Pair the look with undone beach waves, braids or a wash of color on your lips & cheeks (or all of the above).

And the last step to nailing the Coconut Girl aesthetic? Play Weezer’s Island in the Sun on loop and pretend you’re anywhere but at home.

Art Alexandra Lara

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