It Costs Nothing To Be Kind: Learning Lessons From “J-Hope In The Box”

It Costs Nothing To Be Kind: Learning Lessons From “J-Hope In The Box”

All-around performer J-Hope can teach us a thing or two



It’s been a while since J-Hope in the Box dropped on Disney+. The documentary follows the BTS member on his blazing journey to re-establishing his solo career with the titular Jack In The Box. From solo recording sessions to tirelessly preparing for his headlining set at Lollapalooza 2022, ARMYs and viewers receive an in-depth look at his creative process. After all, he’s the first member to pull out all stops after their so-called hiatus announcement—it’s bound to be significant.


But more than the grandness, people can always learn something from BTS. That’s why people always love them the way they do; the members hold up a mirror more than good music and absolute hilarity (read: Run BTS). With J-Hope at the helm of this project, however, we can learn something from working as a piece of a unit and fully becoming his own.



Ahead, we list down lessons we learned from J-Hope in the Box:


The only way out is through

Whether it’s gushing over his idol, J. Cole, or dealing with creative block, J-Hope is like us, FR! His long evenings staring at a screen and switching things up with his tracks give creatives a sense of familiarity—a picture of the grueling creative process. Of course, a lot of procrastinating, mental blocks, eating-and-recovery sessions and even long periods of staying in the zone picture a regular day. But as we see in the musical, even geniuses like himself have bad days where one solution remains: the only way out is through. 


And hey, you’ll feel accomplished for holding it out until you see the light at the end of the tunnel at the end of it all.



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It costs nothing to be kind (and grateful)

If one thing remains consistent in the documentary, it’s J-Hope's genuine gratitude for everyone around him. From his fellow performance directors, agency staff and external suppliers who helped make the Jack in the Box listening party and Lollapalooza stage come to life, the singer thanked them for their help. One by one, he greeted everyone he saw who supported his release. He knew that his projects wouldn’t materialize in such a way without all these helping hands, so he let everyone know that even if he was more than welcome to dip once his obligations ended.


A little goes a long way. Everyone around you will remember this small act of kindness, so don’t scrimp on telling them how thankful you are.


Find a support system you’re wholly comfortable with and confident in

Another lesson from J-Hope in the Box is the importance of a carefully chosen support system, people who provide support during the best and worst times. For the singer, the experience of going solo is wholly nerve-wracking. He goes home to his family for recovery and asks for help from RM for music advice. After discovering that Jimin’s presence made his pre-show jitters manageable, J-Hope muses, “I now understand artists who bring their friends along when they perform.”


Being alone during your biggest undertakings sucks, so don’t hesitate to reach out for people who’ll remind you that everything will be alright.



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Everyone thrives outside of the box!

J-Hope seized many opportunities throughout his tenure with BTS. While he started as an underground hip-hop dancer, he explored music production and writing as his career unfolded. This also stays true as he dives into an image no one has seen from him, the mature side that brought us J-Hope in the Box in the first place. Quite obviously, growth only happens when we step away from everything that can tie us down—fears, expectations and limitations. 


So follow J-Hope’s footsteps in stepping out of the box, and you might even surprise yourself with what else you can achieve without these binds.


Bonus: BTS members are, quite literally, stuck together like glue

BTS going on a break was never on anyone’s 2022 bingo cards, but it happened. Many ARMYs expected them to do their things and come together only privately, but I guess it’s inevitable if people have bonded as much as BTS. While J-Hope in the Box gives everyone a better glimpse of J-Hope as an individual, the rest of the members seem to remain intertwined in his network. It’s a one-of-a-kind bond that, honestly, want for ourselves, too.



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What else did you learn from J-Hope? Sound off in the comments below.



Stream “J-Hope in the Box” exclusively on Disney+. 



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