It’s a Brand New World for Jannine Weigel

It’s a Brand New World for Jannine Weigel

The multifaceted Thai-German star is starting a fresh chapter with RedRecords



Jannine Weigel is at the point of her life where she's discovering and learning—but not without having fun. This state of life is reflective of the Thai-German singer-songwriter, actress, model, influencer, gamer, ambassador, and YouTuber’s latest single, Passcode. She recently launched the single in September with a music video, which now has over a million views.



This young artist began to turn her attention to singing when she entered a nationally-televised singing competition for children, Singing Kids. She won third place, became an artist trainee at GMM Grammy in October 2012, then worked her way towards becoming a full-fledged artist. And the rest, as they say, is history.


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Her Brand of Pop Music

Weigel’s trajectory is reminiscent of her Thai nickname, Ploychompoo, which means pink sapphire. Pink sapphires are stunning gemstones that continue to increase in popularity like Jannine's rise to fame.


Hinged on real, relatable stories, her brand of music is the kind that can resonate effortlessly with listeners of today. Passcode, her up-tempo love song, was recorded and completed in Malaysia with Tommy Brown as its record producer and Jessie Reyez as co-writer.


Her latest conquest? Simply an attempt to convey who she is as a person, especially in present times.


Passcode: A Key to Remembering Love

Listening to Passcode makes anyone (including myself) revisit the feeling of being in love. The track speaks volumes of how young people behave and express themselves these days.


As the lyrics go, “‘Cos I like you, boy I really like you / But I've been through the fire too many times / So I gotta know gotta know / ‘Cos I really like you, wanna let you inside too /But I've been through the fire too many times / So I gotta know gotta know.”


Passcode speaks about the adrenaline rush of love. As a song, it mirrors both Jannine and her fans: young, hungry for discovery, having the time of their lives. It’s reflective of author Robert Fulghum's words: “We're all a little weird, and life's a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”


The song transports its listeners the feeling of pursuing love despite having reservations. After all, what is love if not a risk? 


East Meets West, Renders the Best?

Having a mixed lineage is an advantage; her exposure to a lot of music, different cultures when she was very young enables her to capture a varied audience. Despite growing up in Germany for half her life, Jannine’s mom still exposed her to Thai music.


Thanks to her culturally-rich upbringing, Jannine may have caught a bit of everything. Her music taste—a result of her diverse roots— is a bit different from the people she encounters, but it’s refreshing. She creates a universal sound for the world to embrace.


Weigel provides a bridge between Western and Eastern tastes. The fusion she creates through her brand of music breaks barriers.


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The last five years have enabled Jannine to explore and experiment. One aspect of this is signing with a new label: RedRecords. On December 6 of 2019, she became the first artist to sign with the Kuala Lumpur-based label, a joint venture between the AirAsia Group and Universal Music Group. 


According to her, the thought was overwhelming in the beginning. She admits that it came with a bit of pressure, but is grateful to have a team that supports her.


With a new agency in tow, Passcode marks an exciting new beginning. Dynamic and original, all roads lead to even bigger and better things for Jannine.


Stream Passcode, Jannine Weigel’s debut single with RedRecords, on Spotify.




Words Jude Cartalaba

Additional Text Cessi Treñas

Special thanks to MCA Music PH

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