Happy Birthday, Krispy Kreme & Why I Need The OG Card

Happy Birthday, Krispy Kreme & Why I Need The OG Card

Like I needed another reason to love Krispy Kreme


People celebrate birthdays differently. Some go out to drink while others choose to travel or spend some much needed me-time with themselves. Then, of course, there are those who celebrate like Krispy Kreme: all out and to the benefit of those around them. And in celebration of their anniversary this month, they’re giving us a little something called the OG Card.


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What’s in a name? Are we talking original gangster or original glazed here? Before your mind gets ahead of you, let me just cut you off and say one thing: It doesn’t matter in this situation because you’re getting the best of both worlds anyway. It’s a win-win that you can cash in on every week—or more, if you’re up for the challenge.


The Krispy Kreme OG Card is available for P195 and is valid for a year upon purchase. We know the price won’t scare you off as it is, but let us indulge you on all the benefits you’re sure to get anyway:


  1. A free half-dozen original glazed donuts when you register your card on the official Krispy Kreme website
  2. A free half-dozen OG donuts for every 1 dozen purchases; available to you six times a month
  3. A free box-of-three original glazed donuts on your birthday month
  4. First dibs on oncoming promos, announcements, and contests
  5. Access to exclusive Krispy Kreme events


Okay, but what are those promos, announcements, contest and events all about? Things are under wraps for now and more will be revealed as the month rolls down, but we can play a little guessing game in the meantime. Your clues are: theme park, block screenings and round-trip tickets.


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We don’t know about you, but we’re seeing—and already salivating for—the OG coming our way.



Art Alexandra Lara

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