Wonder Reels: Love Month Moments in Music Videos

Wonder Reels: Love Month Moments in Music Videos

Visualize these love songs through their music videos



Welcome to Wonder Reels! Every month, we’ll be spotlighting the music videos that leave us in awe or downright mesmerized. Of course, everyone loves a great track. But don’t we all agree that a music video is the cherry on top of love songs?


While the popularity of MTV may have dwindled in the past decade, musicians and singers continue to take their visuals to the next level. They produce stunning album art and cinematic music videos—they appeal to the eyes so they can lure you in and have you listening to their songs. If anything, the past four decades witnessed all types of music videos, some good and some bad. But enough to have us curious to continue watching and clicking on YouTube thumbnails. So in celebration of love month this February, we’re exploring love songs and love month moments in newly released music videos.


Buckle up and get ready for the ride. We bring you fresh love songs, self-love anthems and moving-on-from-love soundtracks.


This is Wonder Reels.


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TOUCH by keshi

Director: Sebastian Sdaigui



As he gears up for his upcoming album, gabriel, keshi releases the music video to TOUCH. Like the mood set for SOMEBODY, love song TOUCH ventures into softer and more intimate territory. It’s a track different from his usual love songs—a bit darker and more raw. TOUCH explores the complications of forbidden relationships, and the visuals show the quiet moments that are good, bad and ugly. Even if the couple finds themselves in the most idyllic scenery, like sunny beaches and vibrant cities, they still can’t shake off all the bad that comes with their connection.


VIVID by ena mori

Director: Raliug



In VIVID, ena mori returns to her room from OH, BLEEDING HEARTS? but fights another battle. This time, she's at odds with jealousy. It’s another dream-like and vibrant exploration of her inner thoughts, but now it happens in a vibrantly-colored room seen through goggles. She rips heads off plush toys and unfolds crumpled magazine pages featuring couples with the addictive synth track in the background. Her strikingly green eyeshadow may or may not allude to her inner green-eyed monster. “Jealousy is just a response to our own insecurity, and the more we think about it,” she writes in the music video description. “It’s vivid.”


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How Long by Tove Lo

Directors: KENTEN



Swedish pop star Tove Lo lends her voice to Euphoria’s soundtrack with How Long. But instead of leaving it all up to the show, she releases a music video to match. It seems like the hazy, kaleidoscope-like vision is here to stay in music video trends as the Habits singer dances her tears away in a sparkling skin-tight dress. Sometimes the lights are harshly red, and sometimes it’s a subdued, warm color.  How Long uses a simple setup, but it gives the energy that belongs in Euphoria. But it's unlike typical love songs, as she sings about lies and deceit—completely fitting.


Billions by Caroline Polachek

Directors: Matt Copson and Caroline Polachek



Popstar and visionary Caroline Polachek formally releases Billions as a single, complete with a dreamy music video. She first performed it at the Greek Theatre, even bringing a children’s choir onstage to help her out. In Billions, she sings about opposites, the good and bad. Meanwhile, the visuals allude to elements from ancient Greece and the Mediterranean: plucking grapes into a cornucopia, making wine, and emerging in a wet, toga-like wardrobe. This is just the start of her new era.


Pity Party by JAMIE

Director: August Frogs



In Pity Party, Jamie propels herself out of a bad rut and rebuilds her self-confidence. American Horror Story Coven meets Oceans 8 in the music video, where she plays the part of a witchy, elusive thief. The mood is generally dark and moody, with twisted elements like bleeding brains and eyeballs as part of the table’s centerpieces. It’s a complete contrast to the addictive disco track, but who said pity parties are bright and vibrant?


Closer by Saweetie ft. HER

Director: Hannah Lux Davis



All aboard ICY Airlines! For her new single, Saweetie recruits the help of her fellow Blasian singer H.E.R. The music video for Closer features Saweetie and her friends jetsetting around the world (safely) and in style. From parties up in the air, endless shopping sprees in Paris to playing tennis in the Philippines, Ate Icy and H.E.R. set hearts on fire while celebrating Galentine’s Day.


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What other love month music videos should we be looking at? Let us know in the comments!



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