Listen In: Matteo Guidicelli’s Newest Single, Sundo

Listen In: Matteo Guidicelli’s Newest Single, Sundo

Imago’s original Sundo gets a Matteo Guidicelli makeover



Matteo Guidicelli is a lot of things: an actor, a racecar driver, a triathlete, an army man and—as I saw firsthand last Friday—a musician. Yes, I’m well aware that he’s been part of the music scene for a while now, but seeing the 29-year-old perform on stage was an entirely different experience.


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For his first single with Viva Records, Matteo decided to go with his own rendition of Sundo. You know the song; it was originally sung by Imago and remains a clear favorite of the sawi among us. So even if it’s been more than ten years since the track first hit radio waves, it is still as relevant as ever.



Matteo’s version of Sundo sounds very unlike the original—but it’s very much his style. Imago was soulful and acoustic; Matteo added stronger beats that bring the title to 2019. The riffs are different; the accents peak at varying moments. Does it work? Did Matteo’s creative hand do justice to a song that has so strongly rooted itself in my personal list of OPM favorites? If the screams at the launch are any indication, then the answer is yes.


Asahan mong mula ngayon

pag-ibig ko'y sayo

Asahan mong mula ngayon

pag-ibig ko'y sayo


The lyrics remain recognizable and for that I am grateful; the beauty in the song has always depended on those words.


Di kukulangin

ang ibibigay

Isuko ang kaba

tuluyan kang bumitaw

Ika'y manalig

Manalig ka.


And yet, there is room to appreciate the changes that Matteo made to the music. The masculine vocals gives Sundo an added layer that’s strong instead of delicate and certain instead of mellow. In some ways, it gives you a sense of nostalgia and—in others—it’s almost unrecognizable.


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There’s a reason why Matteo’s Sundo made it to Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist last week, despite being released in the day's late hours. And if you can’t see it, then maybe you need to give it another listen.



But amidst the songs being played that night, it was the in-between moments that really had me gravitating towards Matteo. His fans, there to support and cheer him on, weren't just his fans. He called them out by name, took part in conversations with them and asked them how they were. He even tried to play matchmaker between one lucky fan and one of his lucky band members. The night wasn't just the launch of his first single with Viva; it was a reunion of sorts, too.



Art Alexandra Lara

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