Millennial Moms vs. Baby Boomer Moms

Millennial Moms vs. Baby Boomer Moms

It’s a fight to the death! (Okay, not really)



Being a mother is hard, but it’s even harder when you have everyone breathing down your neck as you try to parent your kids. There are biases to appease and unimaginable standards to follow: Keep your kids clean, healthy and happy; make sure they do well in school and brush their teeth before going to bed—all with a smile on your face and an ironed blouse on your shoulders.


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It’s impossible! And yet, generations of women have accepted the responsibility of motherhood (and have sometimes even succeeded).


Hate on the millennials all you want. Blame the baby boomers for everything. But can mothers really be split by generation or do they all turn to the same person the second a human is pushed from their privates?


Millennial Moms vs. Baby Boomer Moms


When it comes to giving their kids independence

Millennial Moms vs. Baby Boomer Moms


Moms then were more chill and more “Go around by yourself as long as I can still see you.” Moms now are more hands on and more “I’ll go with you.”


When it comes to buying them stuff

Millennial Moms vs. Baby Boomer Moms


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Back when we were kids, our mothers’ main priority with clothing was how long we could use them. Now mothers care more about how clothes look and whether or not it’s going to break the bank.


When it comes to reprimanding them

Millennial Moms vs. Baby Boomer Moms


Threats, talks, slaps on the hand and even more physical means of enforcing discipline (anyone else get belted? Kneeled on salt?)—moms then tried it all. Currently, the harshest method is a long timeout (which seems a little unfair, but okay).


When it comes to giving praise

Millennial Moms vs. Baby Boomer Moms


Generation doesn’t matter, words of praise from moms are still the way to go. And honestly, they’re the most heartwarming, too.


When it comes to their secret weapon

Millennial Moms vs. Baby Boomer Moms


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Ugh, we all know this one.


On the one thing they always tell their kids

Millennial Moms vs. Baby Boomer Moms


They may say it differently, but mothers just want us to become the best versions of ourselves. Always, in all ways.


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Situations and circumstances may change, but mothers will always be mothers. They have our backs and have our best interest at heart. We may think they screw up sometimes, but hey, they’re allowed a little stumble now and again!



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