Spotify Halloween Playlists to Set the Halloween Mood

Spotify Halloween Playlists to Set the Halloween Mood

A recipe for a memorable (indoor) Halloween: snacks, Spotify and music for a good time



It goes without saying that Halloween is going to look a little different this year. No parties, no bar hops, no staying out to meet the November 1st sunrise and rush home to the disapproving looks from our parents or pets (it’s always one or the other). Even if you’re a Halloween homebody—whether you’re the horror flick binge-watcher, the designated candy distributor or the babysitter of kids too young to join the rest of the trick-or-treating horde—the occasion is still bound to be a whole new experience in itself this year. After all, it’s the first time all of us (and I mean all of us) are going to be ringing in the spooky celebrations indoors. 


But that doesn’t mean we should put the mood-setting and merry-making on hold. Not on our watch.


We’re making a case for Halloween playlists, because isn’t the first step to having a good time finding the right music for a good time? Whether it’s a virtual costume party or a party for one you’ll have on your hands, let these Spotify playlists get you in the right mood for the country’s first collective indoor Halloween.


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There's no better way to ring in the spooky season than with a playlist of tracks from the reigning Halloween queens of K-pop. Red Velvet is known for pulling off witchy concepts especially well, and this playlist by fmnpklam thrives off of it. In & Out, Psycho and Peek-A-Boo are obvious choices found in the earlier half of the round-up, but Red Velvet deep cuts like Kingdom Come and I Just make things a little more interesting. Also in the mix: some appearances from HEIZE, Halsey, Rina Sawayama and BTS, among others.



66 Skin-Crawling Halloween Songs

Leave it to NME to go the extra mile and cull 66 hair-raisingly creepy tracks from opposite ends of the music world. If revetober was a little vanilla for you, this playlist with The Cranberries, Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, Rihanna, Prince, Radiohead and a much appreciated palette-cleanser in the form of a Rocky Horror Show track, might be a better fit.



Gaga Halloween

I mean, obviously.



The Chronicle’s Halloween Playlist

While not quite as diverse as NME's list, The Chronicle's Halloween round-up is well-rounded enough to satisfy listeners with far-ranging tastes. There's a little Stevie Wonder, Billie Eilish, Fiona Apple, Arctic Monkeys in the mix, and then 60 other artists that'll command your attention. Also, no two tracks are by the same artist.



Halloween Lofi

All members of the church of lo-fi beats to relax and study to, gather 'round! This one's an obvious pick, honestly still apt for relaxing and studying.



jennifer's body ??

This one's a little feistier than the rest of the playlists featured here, but what could you really expect from a Halloween playlist named after the ultimate badass feminist horror flick? Expect some Amy Winehouse, a little Rihanna (yes Rihanna again, because why not?) and lots of Kim Petras.




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What’s on your Halloween playlist? Share a link in the comments and let’s all have a good time.



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