You Know You’re Pinoy When You Have These Things At Home

You Know You’re Pinoy When You Have These Things At Home

Nothing proves it like a wooden spoon and fork in the dining room



As the years go by, generation after generation is accused of becoming more and more westernized. Our parents loved going around Manila and listening to local bands (and The Beatles on record), we support the local film scene (but don’t really want to pay for the cinema tickets) and children now don’t even know what Batibot is.


Blame it on the films, the television series and the music playing on loud speakers, but the truth is you can spot a Pinoy from a mile away—more so when you walk into their homes.


1 Abaniko

The abaniko was originally created to be paired with the baro’t saya, but now we use it in the most casual of situations. Sure, it’s great for blocking the sun or creating wind when there isn’t any, but we also use it for those barbecues that we love hosting (and eating).


2 Wooden spoon and fork or the image of the Last Supper

You can decorate your house however way you want to. Like the minimalist look? Go for it. Want to throw in three color accents in one single room? Hey, we aren’t here to judge. Just don’t for the life of you forget to hang the image of the Last Supper in your dining room—or a giant wooden spoon and fork.


3 Walis tambo and ting-ting

Modern vacuums look great and handy, but you cannot remove the walis tambo and ting-ting from a Filipino’s cleaning closet. How else could you possibly clean every nook and cranny of your home?


4 Bunot

When we were kids, we used to play with the bunot. It was this thing that acted like socks, but with the added challenge of having to actually balance on it. But now that we’re older, we know what it’s really for: Keeping those floors shiny!


5 Plastic bag and utensils

It might embarrass some people, but it’s really just a practical choice to keep a drawer full of plastic bags and utensils. Like, who even buys garbage bags when you can use old grocery bags instead?


6 Pinakurat

Because onions and chili make suka taste so much better and nothing else makes lechon taste so amazing.


7 Palayok

Is there any other way to cook sinigang?




8 Magic Sing

No family reunion is complete until the Magic Sing is brought out. No family—no person—is truly Pinoy until they admit their love for karaoke.


9 Banig

Because you can never help unexpected visitors (and their family) coming over to spend the night (or weekend).


10 Balde and tabo

Even if we’ve embraced the modernity of showers, a balde and tabo will still be permanent fixtures. You never know when the water will run out!


Let’s face it. Even when you know all American Hot 100, watched all the dominantly-white Oscar movies and have your own home, you’re bound to have one or two (or all) of these things too. It’s what makes you #Pinoy.



Art Alexandra Lara

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